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  1. Banned for banning Wes.
  2. Banned for not accepting Putin in your heart.
  3. yeet
  4. If we're strictly talking about racing: H4 H3 H2A Reach H5 If we're just talking about releases: H3 H2 CE ODST Reach <huge gap> H4 <huger gap> H5
  5. Our maps database does not currently support filtering by game, but I can add that to the list of requested features. For now, you may search by map name or author. Additionally, there exists a service that may be of use to you as we work to add features to our stuff.
  6. By all means, go into details. Don't leave those out. We can better help you if you are more adequately verbose.
  7. rce
  8. Rob, you'd be too OP to participate. You're gonna be judgmental with us.
  10. Getting closer though
  11. Rce
  12. This is sweet. Thanks for doing this, my man
  13. HOLY SHIT IT'S xdeathlordx!!!
  14. Hello?