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  1. DOWNLOAD Season 7 rages on. PANCAKEMUFFIN is still but one point away from Sodapop Remix, and battles for other positions across the leaderboard are also being fought. One race can change an entire season. This week, we return to another creation by Pancake in a fight that's sure to be nothing short of a stunner. Keep those tears back. They'll fog your vision. Results This was another "last minute" track change, and it didn't disappoint. Though some considered the race to be sloppy, it was really fun to watch. Sodapop "checked out" early into the race, but the real racing went on behind him. Casselfied was alone in 2nd place, for a time. He eventually found himself back with the back and battling with teammate, xTheSully. Casselfied eventually lost those position to other racers fighting for a better spot at the end of the race. Gogetarulez snuck up on Cassel and Sully, making a perfect double pass. Fate wasn't on his side, as Casselfied wrecked him before the finish line sending him back 4 positions. The ferocity of Race 13 didn't die down. The passes were dirty and packs of racers were continuously accumulating and dissipating from lap 1 to lap 20. H3R0 365 had a good start to the race but lag saw him fall back into the pack mid-race. Real Deal and Edward often traded blows with each other, with Gogeta coming back into the mix every so often. Gogeta would eventually get passed King Edward, with H3R0 steadily falling behind. On lap 19, TheOffice1808 and Shazzle 4 were neck and neck throughout the entire lap. The battle for 2nd place would need to be decided on the last turn. TheOffice took next-to-top honors, as he stymied Shazzle's attempt in making an incredible last lap pass on him. Sodapop took his 6th win of the season. He also only needs to more wins in order to clinch the season. A huge thanks to everyone that came out to Race 13. We broke a streaming record for HT Supercross, garnering a total of 120 views! We look forward to seeing you out in Race 14. There are only 4 races left. Make them count. Saturday, June 7, 2014 3:30PM EST 2:30PM CST 1:30PM MST 12:30PM PST Race will commence at the designated time. The race lobby opens 10 minutes prior. Being late equals missing the race. Rules These rules apply during all races: -No intentional wrecking. If someone accuses someone, we will review it. -Any major annoyances such as going backwards will result in a DNF for that person without warning. -No whining or having meltdowns. Handle all problems maturely. -Go on the "Gate Drop." There is no rolling, jumping or going through the gate at any time. Doing so will result in -1 points for that race or ejection for multiple offenses. -HT Supercross has a Blue Flag flag rule. This means that if a racer is being lapped, the racer must pull over and let the leaders pass. If the leader does not call a Blue Flag, then the lapped racer does not have to pull over. If the lapped racer ignores the leader call Blue Flag, then the leading rider gains the ability to Intentionally Wreck the interfering racer. -Calling a false Blue Flag to pass and/or wreck an opposing rider will result in an immediate 3 race suspension and a -10 deduction on your Leaderboard Standings. The racer victim of the False Blue Flag gains +2 points for that race. -Intentionally wrecking is not allowed. Type of wrecking are listed below: Minor Intentional Wreck: Ruled by when a rider causes another rider to flip, however no major loss in position occurs. This results in a -1 for the causing rider and a +1 for the wrecked rider. Major Intentional Wreck: Ruled by when a rider flips another rider, however a major loss in position occurs. This results in a -2 for the causing rider and a +2 for the wrecked rider. The only exception for wrecking is when a Blue Flagged rider is not pulling over. However, the rider that is lapping the other must be completely sure that both parties understood that one was being lapped. Wrecked Blue Flagged riders will still go under review; however, in a separate way. -If you feel you were the victim of a wreck, send the host a message after the race with what lap you were on and who it was that wrecked you. Important: Race Hosts do not have to review a wreck if they did not receive a message. -Make room. Don't be a douche. Acknowledge other racer's positions around you. -If you are wrecked, knocked off of the track or have your race impeded in anyway, you must keep racing. Stopping to wait for the racer in front of you to pass you again does not grant you your previous position back and you will instead remain on the same lap that you waited on. If you were wrecked, then standard wrecking rules still apply to both the offender and victim. Racing End Rules -The Race Host will tell you when to stop. When he does, you will comply or you will be removed. -Line up behind the racer who finished before you. -If you are not complying when a Race Host is asking you to remain in your spot (getting off, jumping, shooting, etc), then the Race Host may resort to the removal of the disorderly racer. Read Fulls Rules Here AMA Formatted Race Signups 1.) @King Edward I +Prospect / Rockstar Energy Racing KTM 2.) Rookie / Monster Energy Kawasaki 3.) Amateur / Rockstar Energy Racing KTM 4.) ^Pro Racer 5.) @gogetarulez Prospect / Monster Energy Kawasaki 6.) Elite Racer / Monster Energy Kawasaki * 7.) @xUnknownGamingx Pro Racer / Tactical Advantage 8.) @RealDealD Amateur / Tactical Advantage 9.) Amateur / Monster Energy Kawasaki 10.) @MtnDewX97 Amateur / Tactical Advantage 11.) @Shadow Forges Rookie / Rockstar Energy Racing KTM 12.) @H3R0 365 Prospect / Main Event Guaranteed 13.) @ImSOshiftfaced Rookie / Troy Lee Designs Racing 14.) @Bean05 Amateur / Main Event Guaranteed * 15.) @NukedIceCream Amateur / Main Event Guaranteed 16.) @Mad Hatter Rookie Commentator: Asterisk is used to identify leader of team Heat 1 1. TheOffice1808 2. Purpledinosaur0 3. Gogetarulez 4. Sodapop Remix 5. xTheSully 6. Shadow Forges 7. NukedlceCream 8. Hatter is Mad Heat 2 1. King Edward I 2. xNJD1x 3. BxA Real Deal D 4. Shazzle4 5. MtnDewX97 6. H3R0 365 7. imSOshiftfaced 8. Bean05 9. Casselfied
  2. Hello everyone, and welcome back to the site. As some of you may very well remember, we purchased an old backup of HaloTracks. The version you are on is the same HT the minute before it became TriggerPoop. I'd like to digress momentarily, and please ask all of you to not bash TriggerPoop intensively. What's done was done, and we have all learned from it. Now, the site is still being transferred and updated to our new servers. So page times can be slow, and you may experience momentary times of HaloTracks seemingly not being there. These are normal "bugs" that can occur during the name server transfers and will diminish once it is all complete (5/17/12 @ 2400 PST). If you encounter any sort of extra bugs, please post them here and I will do my best to resolve them. List of Known Bugs/Issues: Mackey feels he isn't important. SQL Error when signing in or using the wrong Username/Password combination. List of Fixed Bugs/Issues: Fixed an issue with "halotracks.org" directing to an inaccessible page. "Halotracks.org" now redirects to the Home page. Disabled word filter for a small amount of bad words. Please use foul language responsibly.
  3. Posting in the forum earns you opportunities for rank promotions. Each rank is based off of the ranks represented in Halo: Reach. These ranks do not affect your status as a member, Map Maker, Staff, etc and are only meant to signify the level of posting you are at. The ranks are as follows below. If you have any questions, post them here. Please give thanks to Zerker for doing these! Recruit - 0 Private - 5 Corporal - 10 Corporal Grade 1 - 15 Sergeant - 20 Sergeant Grade 1 - 25 Sergeant Grade 2 - 30 Warrant Officer - 45 Warrant Officer Grade 1 - 80 Warrant Officer Grade 2 - 110 Warrant Officer Grade 3 - 145 Captain - 210 Captain Grade 1 - 235 Captain Grade 2 - 255 Captain Grade 3 - 280 Major - 325 Major Grade 1 - 350 Major Grade 2 - 375 Major Grade 3 - 400 Lt. Colonel - 450 Lt. Colonel Grade 1 - 480 Lt. Colonel Grade 2 - 510 Lt. Colonel Grade 3 - 540 Commander - 600 Commander Grade 1 - 650 Commander Grade 2 - 700 Commander Grade 3 - 750 Colonel - 850 Colonel Grade 1 - 960 Colonel Grade 2 - 1,070 Colonel Grade 3 - 1,180 Brigadier - 1,400 Brigadier Grade 1 - 1,520 Brigadier Grade 2 - 1,640 Brigadier Grade 3 - 1,760 General - 2,000 General Grade 1 - 2,200 General Grade 2 - 2,350 General Grade 3 - 2,500 General Grade 4 - 2,650 Field Marshall - 3,000 Hero - 3,500 Legend - 4,000 Mythic - 5,000 Noble - 6,500 Eclipse - 8,000 Nova - 10,500 Forerunner - 14,000 Reclaimer - 20,000 Inheritor - 30,000
  4. Hey guys, I'm running through this version of HaloTracks in an effort to increase its efficiency. A lot of HT 4.0 was built on images. Lots and lots of images. As such, the load times on HaloTracks are less than I'd like them to be. So I'm combing HT 4.1's markup to eliminate as many unnecessary images as possible. This will be a continuous process, as I will not shut the site down to perform these tasks. You will, however, begin to notice some changes here and there. Additionally, I'll also change the look of a few things when and where I see fit. You might be asking yourself why I'm spending time working on this old girl. HT 5.0 sits on a development board... and is definitely much cooler... and is a more worthwhile venture, right? My answer to that is I simply want HT to function well in any state. HT 5.0 isn't out yet, leaving this version of the site as a source for many first impressions. At the very least, it's important that this version is also somewhat presentable. I will not be making this version of the site to be mobile friendly! Doing so is more than possible, but would take a development period akin to the tournament system. In short, that would take weeks; possibly months to do. I'll post an update to this topic once I have completed the changes. If you have any concerns or possible suggestions, please post them here and I'll respond as quickly as I can!
  5. Banned for banning Wes.
  6. But seriously, we love you and you deserve the best. We have some pretty high standards as to how HaloTracks works. Last year, we made an upgrade to dedicated servers to ensure that we can maintain a good level of overhead to accomplish whatever our hearts desire. Dedicated servers, while flexible and fast, come with a cost. That cost is in dollar signs and is why I'm asking for your help. It costs us just over 2K American dollars to rent our server for one year. While some may call a dedicated server overkill for a site like HT 4.1, it's paramount to the success of HT 5.0. Specifically, our tournament system which will require a fair amount of processing power to remain speedy. Normally, I could cover this cost by myself without any hassle, but my living situation is about to change and money could start becoming a problem for just a few months. Any donation is immensely appreciated, and I'll definitely have some nice things planned for those that contributed. I'll keep this announcement short and end things here. My humblest of thanks to everyone that is still visiting and signing into HaloTracks. The Master Chief Collection is certainly a speed bump for us, but it amazes me every single time I see the guys and gals of this community refusing to give up. All of you make HaloTracks what it is, and I'll never forget that!
  7. Hey everyone, Aaron and I need some people to help us test the tournament system on the development board. We're on the hunt for some bugs. Let me know if you're willing to lend a hand. This is an open beta, and there are no prerequisites to join other than having an account on our Development Board. Once your account has been approved, play with everything. Go explore. See if you can break anything. Be a pain in our butts. Report any issues you find, as well as feature requests, in the Beta Feedback forum. Thanks.
  8. Known bugs on HaloTracks version 5.0. Maybe we should reinstall the board? Unresolved Date and time picker does not respect timezone Hidden posts are unstyled Some users' comments are not displaying within the Map View. The page refreshes; however, no comment can be seen. The user who reported this is using Safari on an Ipad A user reported being able to see images uploaded to the slider in the Map View, when no such images were uploaded to the DB. He states these images were uploaded from his phone, and he was able to view them in the slider. It's possible this is just a caching/device issue rather than a legitimate bug Resolved Using HTML characters '<' '>' breaks posts in the Shoutbox and displays an empty message Guests are unable to view the Maps application Order in "Most Downloaded" block on map homepage is inaccurate Spoilers are unreadable Increased max upload file size for /forum, this was stopping people from uploading pictures across the whole forum Sorting order of maps on maps homepage is inaccurate, particularly by timestamp Unable to search by map name on maps homepage Popular Maps module on Maps homepage not showing most popular map/accurate results. At this time, El Toro should be included on the list User photos are not correctly displaying within .userPane on maps homepage (for me, it's showing the default IPB photo) Active forgers this week is displaying seemingly random data Tournament description is not respecting formatting Map thumbnail in a tournament is displaying rocket race as roller derby Users using Safari cannot progress through steps in create map Map browser was displaying n*10 maps where n was the page number. Pagination needs to be included in Map Prompts Searching does not function properly in Map Prompts Tournament names are too small to be clickable on tablet / mobile Map header upload is restricted to one map at a time @Camonized cannot view his profile and is receiving a fatal error on page load. Fatal error: Call to a member function getTimestamp() on null in /home/halotrac/public_html/forum/system/Content/Search/Results.php on line 388
  9. Hey everyone, just wanted to post a quick PSA regarding an update we just did to the server. Aaron and I are inching closer every day to 5.0 coming out, and the development site's version of IPB was in a need of an update. To do that, we were forced to update our PHP version from 5.1.something to at least 5.6.x. The installation was finished last night, and I caught some weird little bugs on the development board immediately after the update. It's not likely that this site's version of IPB will have any of those bugs, but I'd like if we could all be on the lookout for them. Thanks for reading, and post any bugs you find in this topic.
  10. This list contains feature requests from the community that have been expressed to me, but haven't found their way to the forums. If you have any specific requests for Aaron and I, please post them here or create a new topic. It's much easier for us to track what features you want from our applications when it's in writing! Requested Features Display the date map was posted in Map View. Implemented Features Rejected Features
  11. Banned for not accepting Putin in your heart.
  12. Our yearly update schedule is on point. It's another comeback, because I'm atrocious at running a website. In this update, we're going to touch up on a very special Halo 5 content release and give an update on HT 5.0. Sit back and enjoy what could be the first and last HT Update of 2016. Don't forget to come at me, bro. Update: Monitor's Bounty is available now! Update size is 7.2GB Let's get right into what 343 are calling an "ambitious" update: Monitor's Bounty. Look, I know you've probably already looked at the original article or one of the thousand YouTube videos talking about this. So we're not going to get into too much detail, but I will touch up on some areas important to our community. This free update to Halo 5, available today, provides the largest update to Forge ever. Well, as far as Halo 5 is concerned. Over 650 new objects have been added to Forge. These objects include things like more detailed crates, ancient Sangheili architecture (Elite stone stuff), Forerunner architecture, new lights, scripts, banners, and so much more. Quite a few models from the campaign are making their way into Forge as well, continuing a growing trend in some of the more recent updates. The update also includes 2 new canvases. "This update was a labor of love by a team passionate about empowering the community to create whatever they want to make the legacy of Halo 5 their own." - Tom French, UGC Director, 343 Industries Tom French has led the Forge team since Halo 5's development. He and his team have worked tirelessly to keep Forge nice and fresh since the game mode launched in December 2015. That being said, the Forge team has another surprise for us: RACE IS BACK, BABY!! Kind of. Monitor's Bounty drops with a new tools that allow users to craft their own experience in Halo 5. I'm talkin' 'bout making your own gametypes. I'm talkin' 'bout ruling the way that gametype governs a map. The ultimate goal of this update is to offload the work to the community, because 343 is too lazy to do it themselves. That was a joke. In reality, these options have been a "dream" of Frenchy and his team for quite some time. Due to the loss of one of the team's programmers, that dream was pushed back. This eventually culminated in the addition of Arena Multiplayer teams pitching in to help complete the update. While the timing is certainly up for debate, I have no doubt that Monitor's Bounty bears the fruits of a lot of hard labor. Now that we have that out of the way, we haven't been told everything just yet. Information about how to create gametypes and manage them within Forge should come soon. That being said, RACE IS BACK BABY! Options shipping with the update include being able to spawn in vehicles and allowing observers. Certain objective-based objects have also been modified to allow for better scripting and visual acuity. The ability to "observe" a game while it transpires has also been included. Something that should come in handy for you streamers out there ( looking at you, Season 8 ). A 343-made "Race" variant will launch with the update, as will a KOTH variant. With all of the scripting options, new objects, and the ability to craft our own gametypes, racing should have a bright future. Speaking of future... It's coming. I have no idea when, but it's coming. Aaron (Hatter is Mad) and I (Le Have No Friends) have been silently working on the biggest update in HaloTracks history. Development is sporadic as he and I work to place ourselves in financial stability. You all may have noticed the website was down for over a week earlier this month. This is what I'm talking about. Not much has changed in terms of what we plan on releasing. Though, I can say that our applications are nearly good to go. HT Maps is more or less complete, sans a few bugs and any smaller features we may have missed. HT Tournaments is a beast that will consume months of our time to develop. The plan for the tournament system is still to release the application one page at a time. Specifically, one skinned page at a time. The system will work completely when 5.0 launches, it just won't look pretty. A small price to pay for an enormous dream. The announcement trailer hinted at a 2016 release. This may still be possible, but with the IRL difficulties Hatter and I are currently facing, it's a possibility that we could be looking at early 2017. I understand how frustrating that is. Truly, I do. Just please understand that this update is extremely ambitious. Everything needs to be right the first time. One huge mistake could potentially erase years of work, and your patience will have been for nothing. Which is not something we aim to accomplish. We'll keep you all update on our progress, and you can read more information on HT 5.0 in this topic. ...and could someone please tell Ducain to stop fanboying? Jeeze. Actually, give that guy some love. He's the reason why HaloTracks was brought back online. Thanks again, buddy! That will conclude this year's update. I leave you with these things and will now go to sleep. Hope you enjoyed this trash update. See you guys on the track! [/youtubeHD] [youtubeHD=WAU5iVjF0ow] LINK TO FORGE UPDATE ARTICLE
  13. yeet
  14. If we're strictly talking about racing: H4 H3 H2A Reach H5 If we're just talking about releases: H3 H2 CE ODST Reach <huge gap> H4 <huger gap> H5
  15. Our maps database does not currently support filtering by game, but I can add that to the list of requested features. For now, you may search by map name or author. Additionally, there exists a service that may be of use to you as we work to add features to our stuff.
  16. By all means, go into details. Don't leave those out. We can better help you if you are more adequately verbose.
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  18. Rob, you'd be too OP to participate. You're gonna be judgmental with us.
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  22. This is sweet. Thanks for doing this, my man
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