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  1. No, there was a spam post that apparently got deleted lol
  2. Ummmmm.... what?
  3. Could someone give a detailed explanation of the map categories in the search area of the site? I'm not sure what some of them mean.
  4. I was on this site back in the old days of 360 Reach, but left not long after. I got the MCC this very year and wanted to get back into racing and found this community still alive... but I can't figure out how to download any of the maps on this site! Am I just being a moron, or is there some not-so-obvious means that I have to go through?
  5. The description below the title in the forum should tell you. In case you can't read that, though, it's simple--post any images/videos that make you go "WTF" or generally question your sanity.
  7. The videogame that got me into the hobby also happens to be the first I ever played. I was about 5 years old when my parents got me and my brother a Nintendo Entertainment System, and a Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge. My brother and I were hooked from that day forward (well, I was, but when my brother moved out he stopped playing games as much). I still have fond memories of that. Except that funking dog in Duck Hunt. He was a total asshole.
  8. I recently started building my first track in Reach on Forge World, but I'm having some difficulty getting things smooth and looking "right". The help of some expert forgers would not go unappreciated. Specifically, I need: aid in actually building some of the more difficult sections, creative feedback on the current state and ideas on how to make the rest of it, and advice on drop-downs. If you need, a date and time for meeting can be arranged. Thanks!
  9. Gamertag: CaseyKen Favorite racetrack: Water Cyclone Looking for a squad to race with? If it involves tracks with great drifting/banked turns, I'm up for it! Your greatest forge map or invention: Sadly, I have little to no experience in forging. I am, however, in the concept stage of a race map... What is your favorite multiplayer map (unforged)? Does Paradiso count? If not, then Spire. What is your favorite gametype in Halo Reach? Race, of course! What is your highest level & rank in Halo Reach? Colonel, Grade 3, although I'm a hair away from Brigadier. Is there anything you need help with on HaloTracks? Not really. How did you find out about HaloTracks? I have downloaded HT maps since Foundry was first released on Halo 3. Other: I posted on this site maybe once or twice back in the early Halo 3 days, but for some reason I stopped at that. Lately, I've been finding myself racing more and more, but unfortunately I never get the chance to race with more than, say, one or two people besides myself at once. Not to mention that I rarely have the chance to do that, as they don't play Halo as much as I do. Then I remembered HT, and decided it was time to return--and this time, for real.
  10. ..Own Bungie favorites again? This ought to make racing a lot more popular.
  11. My birthday was June 15th. It is now the 26th. No one posted. I feel lonely... :(
  12. I'm 22 today. So.... what did everyone get me?
  13. Short and Sweet. I like it!
  14. This map rocks. Hard.
  15. Yeah, that's the biggest problem with this. If not for that, this would be an awesome map.