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How To's

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How To's

Hot-To Make a Link

1. Find what you would like to make a link to

2. Copy the url

3. Paste it in your topic and put the

[url]URL Goes Here[/url]

tags around it

How-To Embed a Picture

1. Get you picture off of bungie and onto your computer

2. Go to:

3. Once there click Browse.

4. Search for the saved picture. It'll be where ever you saved it.

5. Double click the picture to select it.

6. Press "host it!".

7. Scroll down once it bring you to the next screen.

8. Copy everything in the "Hotlink for forums (1)" box.

9. Paste it in your post.

Other Test Formatting


[b]Text Goes Here[/b]


[u]Text Goes Here[/u]


[i]Text Goes Here[/i]


[center]Text Goes Here[/center]


[size="3"]Text Goes Here[/size]

(Change the Number on the inside of the tag to make it larger or smaller)


[color="Red"]Text Goes Here[/color]

For more tags look here

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