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a deadguineapig

Elip Galaxy v2

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Eliptical Galaxy v2

By a deadguineapig

Download: Here



Creator: a deadguineapig

Map: Foundry

map name: Elip Galaxy v2(Eliptical Galaxy v2)

Map Spotlight Questionnaire:

Q:What inspired your creation?

A:What inspired me was to make the final galaxy map the best and biggest one yet

Q:How long did it take to create?

A:It took me about 5 hours to make, and 1 hour to test.

Q:What was the hardest part to get right?

The hardest part was probably the final fence wall box ramp.


  • Double wide track
  • Completely bordered in
  • Anti-cheat goal
  • Fast paced track
  • Very creative
Map Description:

The map starts out in the side pocket area of Foundry. It has 8 mongoose's and a opening starting gate there so everyone(up to 16 people) can start at the same time. From there you ride a straightaway that is quad wide to the opposite side of Foundry. Then you have a optional sheild door assisting the turn to the almost but not quite double wide alley. After you come out of the alley you make a shield door assisted really fast turn around 180 degrees to where to grav lifts will push you up the ramp to the sky track part.Then from there you make a 180 box ride turn down a small ramp then back up to a small wave like box/wall banked turn. After you ride that back down to a downward and upward ark shape of boxes to the small quarter pipe wallride. Then from there you you ride that then go down a fence wall ramp hill to the goal point. Then the mancannons above the goal point which keep you from cheating(and the teleporters) down a bridge ramp into a shield door turn back to the two gravity lifts taking you up the ramp.

Changes from v1:

  • I made the first ramp turn longer and added a gravity lift
  • I put another mancannon at the goal so players couldn't cheat
  • I edited the two gravity lifts pushing you up the first ramp
  • I added another shield door after the goal point
  • I removed the regenerator and the teleporter
More pics:

Overview 2

Overview 1

Turn back to ramp

Anti-cheat goal and ramp

The goal point

Fence box ramp

Ark type box thing

Quarter pipe

Wave banked turn

Starting ramp and wall ride and mini ramp


grav lifts


run way

the start

Download: Here

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