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SDTxPappys r us

HT Supercross Track List

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Here are the Official Tracks used in HT Supercross. Feel free to submit a track here.

Having a track on this list does not necessarily guarantee it's use in an HT Supercross season.


Legacy Tracks





Vantage SX



Global SX



Outbreak SX



Warehouse SX








Chrysolite SX



Enigmatic SX



Victoria Field SX



Aggregate SX



Deep Eclipse SX





Box Hill SX



Ameristralia SX (XreignZ & Purpledinosaur0)





Stonepoint SX





Crescent SX



Aurelian (King Edward I & PANCAKEMUFFIN)



Hysteria SX





Charlotte SX



Richmond SX


Halo: Reach Tracks


Overlook SX purpledinosaur0



DLC Asimov Beach FSUFMX



LVSX Stadium v Ionized


LVSX Stadium [size="1"]v Ionized[/size]

Anaheim SX Purpledinosaur0


Anaheim SX [size="1"]Purpledinosaur0[/size]

Harbor SX Purpledinosaur0


Harbor SX [size=1]Purpledinosaur0[/size]

Images Coming Shortly:

Xerosere v Ionized


Xerosere [size="1"]v Ionized[/size]

Hiatus v Ionized


Hiatus [size="1"]v Ionized[/size]

Merkaba Jeffh3962


Merkaba [size="1"]Jeffh3962[/size]




Highpoint purpledinosaur0


Highpoint [size="1"]purpledinosaur0[/size]

DLC Everglade v Ionized


[i][color="#FFA500"]DLC[/color][/i] Everglade [size="1"]v Ionized[/size]

Cordova v Ionized


Cordova [size="1"]v Ionized[/size]

DLC Crescendo v Ionized


[color="#FFA500"]DLC[/color][/i] Crescendo [size="1"]v Ionized[/size]

Narwhal MX Purpledinosaur0


Narwhal MX [size=1]Purpledinosaur0[/size]

Tournament Hosts: Links below images are full links, use for tournament topics at all times.

Halo 3 Tracks


1.) L33tcross ----- purpledinosaur0 ------- DownLoad ----- 8-10 Laps


2.) Cryptcross ----- x iTz LegiT o ----- DownLoad ----- 8-10 Laps


3.) ATV Circuit ---- purpledinosaur0 ------ DownLoad ---- 6-8 Laps


4.) ßpopin zoneß v4 ---- SDTxPappys r us ----- DownLoad--- 8-10 Laps


5.) Side Jump ----- btp2325 ------ DownLoad -------- 8-10 Laps


6.) Red Rock ----- SDTxPappys r us ----- DownLoad --------- 8-10 Laps


7.) Stadium Cross ----- Goldman 010 & Halokiller1247 ---- Download ---- 8 - 10 Laps


8.) Climax ------- purpledinosaur0 ------ Download ----- 8 - 10 Laps




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Pappy's, I'll help you finish off that other Crypt supercross track you were making earlier so that we can add it to this list. You know, the one with a lot of random bumps.

Edited by purpledinosaur0

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He actually didn't steal your ideas. We changed the name so that it wouldn't be confused with your squad, his post was his work, and none of these tracks were made by you. So you cannot possibly say that we stole anything from you except for mabye the simple idea of being a supercross based club.

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Give me two ideas that we stole. All of the things posted in this forum did not involve any effort from you, or any of your thoughts. If you really think we stole any of your ideas, please, point them out.

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You stole my motocross idea don't act blam!in stupid ok you know what you did know quit blam!in stealing my ideas you damn bastards

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Pyro, don't look at it that way. I hate to say it but you are not ready to run a squad. Purple and pappys i think are better suited for it because of their maturity and they basicly have the same concept as you did but you would be better off just trying to become a member in their squad instead.

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No you don't even know I dont give a crap how mature they blam!in are they stole my ideas and they are soon going to get banned

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