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There are three maps I want to record, but instead of just having racing, I want to add action. Like street battles happening while the drivers are driving, stuff like that. So I'm going to need some actors. You will have to do EVERYTHING I ask though! The roles are listed below. the first map I plan to do is Miami, it was created by me. But I want to make a new type of racing video, so help me out please! Thanks.


Driver 1 - smm2010

Driver 2 - Decimalearth

Driver 3 - HT Sensation

Beach Tanner - Ordiinary

Canadian Tourist - Cassel (Questionable cuz tourney)

Civilian 2 - XCF Camero

Worker 1 - Baller1710

Worker 2 - ahalogodmodder

Worker 3 -

Hobo - Masta Blasta

Swimmer 1 - DropSnap

Swimmer 2 -

Wild Dog 1 -

Wild Dog 2 -

Shooting date - December 13 4:pm eastern

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Haha! I love this. Thank you for being creative! It could be like a mini movie in the racetrack.

I just though of some scene on like last resort where some guy is tanning and a mongoose passes by, and he wakes up looks behind him but doesn't see anything. As he goes back to tanning, 4 other mongooses whip by, collides into him and he goes flying into that arc wall -some music begins- and it says the title of the map. Lol idk, thanks for the burst of inspiration.

I'm pretty excited to see what you are going to do.

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