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Mad Hatter

Velocity Compacted Documents

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*This topic is subject to change at any time. It is important that you re-read this topic when updates are announced!

This is the topic with all of the HT Velocity compacted documents. Everything that you need to know regarding this squad can be found here.


  • Tournament Schedule
  • Tournament Formatting
  • Tournament Hosts
  • Map List
  • Tournament Rules
  • Rule Violation
  • Miscellaneous Race
  • Velocity Graphics

Tournament Schedule:

Squad tournaments will be held regularly, every:

  • Saturday @ 9:00 PM EST

Impromptu squad tournaments may be hosted at any time by discretion and ranked as long as:

  • An official HT Velocity Tournament Host is present to host.
  • There are at least 6 people in the lobby to begin a tournament.

Tournament Formatting:

  • Official scheduled and impromptu tournaments must have a minimum of 6 racers for the tournament to officially start.
  • Lobbies will be first come first serve.
  • In the event that there are more than 8 racers, qualifiers will be held to narrow the lobby down to 8 racers.
  • In the event that there are at least 12 racers wanting to do a tournament, a split lobby will be created. Each squad tourney will count separately towards the leaderboard.
  • 6 races will done per tournament.
  • Maps will be randomly picked for before every race using a random number generator. Every map will be listed with a number. That number will represent the map from the random number generator.
  • HT Velocity has a map voting system similar to Halo 3 MM. Maps are randomly picked and are voted to be raced or not. If the vote is 50% positive, then the map will be raced. If the vote is greater than 50% negative, then the map is vetoed and a new map will be randomly picked. The new map cannot be vetoed and must be raced.
  • Maps that have been previously picked/voted/raced on cannot be selected again.
  • All ranked squad tournaments will be point tournaments.
  • The points payout for each race is 8 Points through 1 Point for 1st-8th. Hosts also have the option of running a reverse points order.

Tournament Hosts:

  • Hatter is Mad
  • Camonized
  • Staireotype
  • jake bobius

Map List:

(As of Season 7)

Track #. Track Name - Author - # of laps

1. Golden - WhiskeyWarm - 8 Laps

2. Overlook SX - purpledinosaur0 & Sodapop HT - 8 Laps

3. In Desaharah - Hatter is Mad - 8 Laps

4. Breakout SX - purpledinosaur0 - 8 Laps

5. Area 51 MX - MtnDewx97 - 5 Laps

6. Uprise SX - Pan the Cake - 8 Laps

7. Rumble - Hatter Is Mad and Sodapop - 8 Laps

8. Badgerow - MtnDewx97 - 8 laps

9. Paradise SX - Pan the Cake - 8 Laps

10. Birch Hill MX - purpledinosaur0 - 8 laps

11. Silentium SX V2 - Kat2BKittnMe - 10 laps

12. Prophecy - Chew - 8 Laps

13. Eclipse SX - GoldUrchin805 & Kat2BKittnMe - 10 Laps

14. Kitty Beach - Kat2BKittnMe - 8 Laps

15. Solitude - Sodapop HT - 8 Laps

16. Meowtown USA - Kat2BKittnMe - 8 laps

17. Corners - WhiskeyWarm - 8 Laps

18. Attica Nationals - Jabbleston - 8 Laps

The host has the final say and only their judgement is official.

Tournament Rules:

1. No false starting or moving the mongoose from the original placement.

2. Intentional wrecking will not be tolerated.

3. Demo blocking will not be tolerated.

4. Cheating or any action that is meant to manipulate the conditions of the tournament will not be tolerated.

5. Lapped racers must not block the lead racers and hold their own race line.

6. Disrupting the racing for any reason will not be tolerated.

7. Griefing, trolling or any provocative actions will not be tolerated.

8. Treat everyone with respect.

9. Conduct yourself in a professional manner.

10. Line up in a single-file formation after completing the race and refrain from disrupting the line.

Rule Violation:

1. A jump or false start will result in a -1 from your tournament total. Jump starts will be called by the discretion of the host.

2. The racer will be deducted however many points necessary to counter the wreck by discretion of the host. Wrecking deductions will be no more than 2 points.

3. Automatic disqualification from the tournament and possible removal from the squad, if necessary.

4. Automatic disqualification from the tournament and possible removal from the squad, if necessary.

5. The racer will receive firm penalties deemed suitable by the host.

6. The racer will receive firm penalties deemed suitable by the host.

7. The racer will receive firm penalties deemed suitable by the host.

8. Removal from the tournament, if necessary.

9. Removal from the tournament, if necessary.

10. Points deduction, if necessary.

Miscellaneous Rules:

1. If you see or think a racer is cheating, notify the host immediately.

2. Intentional wrecks are reviewed post-tournament. To report a wreck, send the host a message regarding when it occurred. Wrecks will not be reviewed unless you directly message the host.

3. In the event the lobby experiences significant connection issues and the race is under 25% complete, the host will restart the race. After 25% a staggered start will be put into effect.

4. In the event a racer disconnects between 25-75% of the race being completed, the racer will be given last place points for that race.

5. Racers who disconnect after 75% of the race completed and have little to no resistance/challenge for their position will be gifted their running position.

6. Photo finishes will be marked as a tie until the final result can be reviewed post tournament.

7. Racers who quit the race for any reason will be given last place points for the remaining races and their finish will still count towards the leaderboard.

Velocity Graphics:

new-velocity2.png - The Aviator13

VelocityFire_zps44a16603.png - The Aviator13

Velocity-1.png - The Aviator13

Velocity-2.png - The Aviator13

Velocity-geese.png - The Aviator13

Velocity-geese-1.png - The Aviator13

Velocity-2f.png - The Aviator13

Velocity-1f.png - The Aviator13

VELOCITY.jpg - I z Phatom z I

HT-Velocity.png - Vapour Knuckles

HT-V.png - Vapour Knuckles

htv.jpg - Fleck

HT-velocity-fleck.png - Fleck

Untitled-2.png - Spectacular Ra

Velocitysig.png - Spectacular Ra

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