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Halo 3 and Halo: Reach Archive

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Free Agent Pool

Description: This is for members looking for a Demo Team or teams looking to pick up a player. No topics but player profiles are allowed in this forum. If you want to chat, go somewhere besides the free agent pool. Keep it looking clean, so people can find free agents easily. All other post will be deleted.

How to Register yourself in the Free Agent Pool:

  • Start a new topic
  • The title of the topic should be your a name. You may use any description you wish.
  • The post should go in the following format.
    Your HT Name/ Your Gamertag

    Position: Racer, Blocker, Both
    Description: (optional) If you wish, you may give a description of yourself.

After you complete your post, others will be able to find you for a team. Be sure to look through the pool yourself and contact free agents to form your own team.

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Right now there are only two Conferences. Each team will be assigned randomly to each conference. More conferences may be added depending on the number of teams. Select a conference to see team profiles and more detailed statistics. Records here only represent season standings.


Golden Laggers 0-0 (0-0)

Valkyrie 0-0 (0-0)


Kiwi Fruit 0-0 (0-0)

Catastrophic Failure 0-0 (0-0)

Demo Turtle Ninjas 0-0 (0-0)

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How to Register Your Teams Profile

Each Team profile will be pinned for easy viewing. Team profiles are up to the team members and captain to be started and updated. You should post your team profile in the conference you are in, so if you are in National, go to National Conference and post your team profile.

To post your team profile:

  1. Start a new topic
  2. The title should be your team name only.
  3. The description is whatever you want it to be.
  4. The post format should look like this:
    Team Name
    Overall Record: Overall Record wins-losses -- This includes all games played during the season, all tournaments, and exhibition matches.
    Season Record: Overall Season Wins/losses (Conference Season Wins/Losses) - First list your overall wins/loss Ex: 2-3, then in parenthesis your conference record Ex: (1-2)
    --Then underneath, list the teams you played in the season and what the score was.
    Members: List of members and position(position is optional)
    Tournaments: Name of tournament and where you placed (placing is third or better)

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Here you may view upcoming tournaments, register your team for tournaments, and view results of completed tournaments.

How to Register your Team for a tournament

  • Start a new post in the tournament you wish to register
  • Include your team name and members(optional since we have a team database)
  • Have all your members come and read the post and be aware of the date and time
  • It is up to all captains to make sure your members stay active and show up to the tournament.
  • Tournaments will start on time, so again it up to captains and teams to be there or forfeit.

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Ranked Matches

Here you will be able to register ranked exhibition matches and find the results of those matches. This will be left up to the teams involved in the match. This means, you schedule your games. Both teams must post in the topic agreeing to the terms. Make sure to save the videos of the match.

How to Register a Ranked Exhibition match.

  1. Start a new topic
  2. Title should be Team A VS Team B. (include the team names playing in the match)
  3. Format should be:
    Teams: Team A vs Team B
  4. Each team should post agreeing to the terms. (include your team name in the post as well)
  5. There is no need to wait for approval from a mod. The post is to prove that both teams agreed to a ranked match, so the loser can't say it never happened.
  6. You must cancel 24 hours before the match if you have to cancel. Otherwise it considered a forfeit if your team doesn't show
  7. Any disputes about the game should be handled by a mod. Send them the video of the match and a ruling will be made.

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I'll be south. That's where NZ is located. East and west seems too gangster anyway.

I also see there's American and National. Both are discriminating against other countries though. International makes more sense for me.

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Please specify on where to post this.

...Most likely in the Conference section, where he posted this topic...

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Demo Racing Rules


This is an intense style of racing that requires communication while at the same time causing mayhem. There is no such thing as "not intentionally wrecking someone." In this gametype, if you are not causing wrecks then you are not wanted. Blockers put the racers to test and help their team to victory, while racers try to be elusive and and get their team the win. If you think you can handle it, put your helmet on, strap in tight, and get ready for some demo derby.


  • Trash talk is accepted.
  • Respect Every member.
  • You are not allowed to be in the party chat with the other team.
    -Two Teams that consist of:
  • Racer - The VIP should always be a Spartan. Objective as racer is to complete the laps given before the other racer.
  • Blockers - There can be up to three blockers. They must all be Elites. Objective as blocker is to block the opposing team’s racer keep them from completing the laps before your team. Blockers try to protect their racer and help him score or do laps. This can mean wrecking or blocking the opposing teams blockers and keep them from slowing down their racer.

Blocking Rules:

  • You must remain on your mongoose at all times. If you fall of your mongoose, you must return to it immediately before continuing to block.
  • You can only block the racer or other blockers with your mongoose.
  • You may give your mongoose to your racer if your racer’s mongoose is stuck; prevented from entering onto the track by a blocker or barrier, or fell of the map.
  • You are not allowed to give your mongoose to the racer if it is being blocked by another player, or flipped over.
  • Do not melee the opposing teams mongoose.
  • Riding on the back of opposing team’s mongoose, stealing other teams mongoose. Will count as a warning against your team.
  • You may not block on top of the destination or right before the destination if it is a possibility that the rider will flip over in the destination. This is to prevent double laps and the riders from falling into teleporters.
  • If you do a map with poor barriers, blockers cannot cut the track to get into positions.
  • If a map is used that has a man cannon ramp to the top, (like drift rider, accelerator), blocker must stay off of that ramp. This is due to the fact that mongeese will just get stuck there causing a complete halt to the game.
  • Knocking objects onto the map is not allowed. This takes away from the skill of blocking. Do not clutter the racetrack with debris.

Racer Rules:

  • You can only score one point for a lap. In the case of a double lap scored, you must complete an extra lap. It is up to your team to recognize a double lap. You might want to do 3 or 4 extra laps to make sure. If you fail to complete the desired number of laps, you lose.
  • If your mongoose is stuck, you may have a blocker bring you a mongoose.
  • No stealing opposing team’s mongoose. You must remain on the track near your mongoose for the blocker to bring you the mongoose. You may not advance in the track to your blocker.
  • NO shortcutting the track.

Before Racing:

  • You must get the Racer to be the VIP. Do this by having lining up and assassinating the blockers, (That have the VIP symbol) until the Racer is the VIP.
  • Everyone gets on a mongoose with the Racers being in back.
  • Do NOT move your mongoose before the race starts.
  • Blockers are released first to set up on the map by the nearest “destination moved” once everyone is set. This means that you stay in your mongoose until everyone is ready! Than the blockers may move to get ready.
  • The racers will then go after the second destination after the Blockers have went.

How to Win:

  • The game is over when the designated number of laps are completed, taking into account, double laps and penalties. The hosts will end the game when both teams have completed the number of laps desired. This is to allow for the make-up double laps and penalty laps.
  • The winning team is the team that finishes first and the most laps scored, taking into account double laps and penalty laps.


  • A violation of the rules can be noted during the game by the host (not players), or after by watching the video if noted.
  • Players can claim a violation by giving an approximate lap in the game, and by having the host watch the video to determine if there was a violation.
  • If a violation occurred, then a lap deduction may be incurred by violating team. The host will determine the significance of violation, and impose a lap deductions if any. The penalty should be a realistic deduction from the advantage the violating team gained.


  • Blockers that give up their mongoose to their racer, needs to return to the garage and await a new mongoose. You may either walk or get a ride from another blocker. OR they can retrieve their racer’s mongoose if able.
  • If two blockers from opposing teams are waiting for a new mongoose, the first spawning mongoose goes to the first one that arrived at the garage.
  • Racers might want to complete 3 or more laps in case of double laps or penalties. This is not required, but if laps are deducted or the correct amount of laps were not scored and this puts you behind the previous racer, then you lose.
  • A racer still win after a penalty has occurred, if their laps remain equal or above the laps scored by the opposing team.


  • Should be on the look out for violations and cheating. If you find a violation in-game, then report it to the team immediately.
  • Go to the film for any alleged violations or reviews to settle who won the race.
  • Hosts must stay off the track and out of the way of the game. Do not ride on players mongooses. (Which means that you are not participating in the Tournament.)
  • Do not end the game until both teams say they are finished, to allow for double laps and potential penalty laps.
  • Remember to be realistic in the assessment of penalties. Not all violations deserve deductions if it didn’t affect the outcome of the race.

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