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Nitrous Speed - The Beginning

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Hello, this is King Edward I, one of the first HT Nitro members back when Motokid123 led this squad. I had the idea of a figure eight on Foundry and I started it immediately. This map is the first HT Nitro dedicated map currently. You thought it was Nitro Towers but it is this very vintage creation. Here is a short history.

First Version I created the base of the map, which today is the two banks. The starting area was in the center over a intersection. This version also supported a silly gametype invloving random destinations around the track. I named this Nitro Racing. Moto and Payps didn't like it much so I just converted it back over to RACETRACKS. Nitro Racing was further discontinued and never gained popularity.

Second Version After I got my feedback from a tester's review, I started thinking about a second version. I made a jump over the intersection which wasn't very good. I also made the starting area off to the side rather in the middle. I had many troubles with my very crappy forge techniques so I gave up and posted it on Halotracks. I got a good review on it so I left the map alone for months.

Third and Final Version After ghost merging came out, I started to play around with the map. I deleted the barriers and started making a triple wide bank using ghost merging. After succeeding in that, I made a underpass / overpass bridge in the middle and on the other side I made another triple wide bank. The map was complete. I also dedicated the map to HT Nitro by spelling the word Nitro in the center of the first bank.









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