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Nitro Towers - The First HT Nitro Stunt Map

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After many months and weeks of laziness, neglect, fixing up, redoing, and work, this masterpiece has been complete and finshed. Sprawling across the dunes of the desert, the beautiful tower conquers everything.

The Lone Hammer and I spent about a day on this and we got the jump working and he started the backflip tower that I didn't include in outcome of the track. After literally days, weeks, and probably a month I started to work on the stunt and morphed the track so that it incorperated terrain and sky: what makes up HT Nitro. Nevertheless, I never invited The Lone Hammer mainly becuase I knew I could complete this on my own and I eventually did.

For this I think this track is very special. I hope you enjoy a peice of history.


-Functioning jump and landing over the Nitro Tower.

-Large terrain bank.

- Flat banked turns that show how I forged horribly back then. smile.gif

- Mini towers as scenery.

- Spectating area inside the tower.



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