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Velorium Camper

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Velorium Camper

Welcome to Velorium Camper. Here you will find that this is in fact a pyramid constructed inside the crypt on Sandbox. Not only can you drive around the pyramid, but you can also drive on top of it, and even inside of it! This is the 6th map to be dedicated to HT Nitro.

Velorium Camper can not only be used with the RACETRACKS gametype, but also with the Demo Racing variant, and any Battle Tracks variant due to the multiple straightways that you can use to your advantage. Here are some pictures of the track!

The Start


First Turn/Ramp that leads up to the first level of the pyramid


Tunnel on the Pyramid First Level


Turn leading up to the second level of the Pyramid


Arch Tunnel with my Gamertag Emblem (Smm)


Final Turn on the second level of the Pyramid


Entrance to the Shield-Door Elevator That Drops you to the Inside of the Pyramid/Finish Line


Inside the Pyramid/Bottom of Shield-Door Elevator


Exit the Pyramid


First Tunnel on the Ground Level


Second Tunnel on the Ground Level


Third Tunnel on the Ground Level/Final Turn of the Racetrack





Q: What inspired your creation?

A: I wanted to be different for a change. I'm tired of the assumption that every track nowadays has to have banked turns, so I decided to rebel for a bit and create a unique track that has no banked turns whatsoever.

Q: How long did it take you to create this track?

A: A week and a half. After spending two days of constructing the track, on the third day it somehow deleted itself, causing me to start all over. But, in the end I was determined to construct the whole thing again, and now it is finally complete.

Q: What aspect of the track took you the longest to make?

A: The shield-door elevator. I had to constantly tweak it to make it perfect. I had to move gravity lifts to different places, along with the finish line.

Note: There is a very small problem with the destination. Sometimes you can very slightly jump over it, causing you to not gain a point every time you go through it. There is a solution for that.

Right before you reach the finish line, let off the gas so you can slow down and let the gravity lifts push you through it. I myself never had this problem, but I have raced on this with multiple people at once and they had this problem. Just follow this solution and you'll score your destination points.

Download Velorium Camper

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