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Nitro Palace

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Nitro Palace

Welcome to Nitro Palace. Prisoners of war that were enslaved by the Forerunners are held here for eternity. Though many prisoners have tried to escape this wretched prison palace, very few have successfully made it out of this place alive. The Forerunners have reinforced their palace prison walls to the point that no prisoner shall ever attempt to escape this prison again. Here are some pics of the track.

The Start


First Turn


U-Turn/Entrance to First Shield-Door Elevator. Goin' up!


Top of the Palace


Entrance to Second Shield-Door Elevator. Goin' down!



Last Turn back to Start


Smaller prison where the escapees go




2nd Overview


Q: What inspired your creation?

A: I wanted to create a racetrack that would resemble a palace with a prison to go with it, and this turned out pretty nice despite the lack amount of objects.

Q: How long did it take you to create this track?

A: About 20 hours within a span of five days.

Q: What aspect of the track took you the longest to make?

A: Both shield door elevators. It took me some time to tweak both of them to make them perfect, even though there is a 1% chance of not making it up the first one.

I take constructive criticism, but depreciating/harassing comments will not be appreciated.

Download Nitro Palace

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