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Halo Reach: Formula 1 2011


Formula 1 Changes from Halo 3 to Reach

- Less Rules

- 1.1 scale tracks meaning less laps

- No More Heat Races! instead there will be 1-Hour qualifiying

- No Contact Rule Reinforced

- No more two lobbies

- 12 or 16 player grid and pit rows

- Maybe Highlights Every race

All tracks in This season are gonna be a mix of Real F1 Tracks, Old F1 Tracks and Custom F1 Tracks. Season might consist of 10-15 tracks.



Red Bull

Scuderia Toro Rosso


Bmw Sauber

Brawn GP (No More Mercedes GP)





If you want to be in F1 Again then resign up for it. First up, first serve.

1). JoShn3ss

2). Chillybob DSG

3). SOT Emo Sk8er

4). Deano is Super

5). kevinandbryan

6). chiefdelta147

7). l z Phantom z l


9). PurpleDinosaur0

10). Baller1710

11). Racin Jason 88

12). thelastninja7

13). xBarricade77

14). Ninja Tacos1227

15). Ordinaryy

16). TJMax2509

17). iTz Danglesxx

18). Racin Jason88

19). XxFMxX

20). MonkeyTanner

21). Mac

22.) bugsprayman

23.) xdeathlordx

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Why not just race in the actual Formula 1™ 2010 game?

As a Formula 1 fan everyone should have it and race Career on Legend AI difficulty like me. :p

Btw what are the usual times for the qualifications and races?

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