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Conduit Spurt

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Creator: SpEcTaCuLar Ra

Racetrack Name: Conduit Spurt

Map: Foundry

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Gametypes: Battle Snipes, Battle Tracks, Battle Lasers, and RACETRACKS

Weapons and Equipment:

Beam Rifle x 1

Carbine x 1

Needler x 1

Sentinel Beam x 1

Shotgun x 1

Sniper Rifle x 1

Firebomb Grenade x 1

Plasma Grenade x 1

Bubble Shield x 1

Regen x 1

Overshield x 1

PowerDrain x 1

Trip Mine x 1


Conduit Spurt is a fabulous track on Foundry that includes some nice scenery/aesthetics that some people think looks like pipes and construction throughout the track. You can call it whatever but it adds a great theme to this track. This is my third track in a row that's not on Sandbox mainly because I'm kind of sick of Sandbox and I want to show there can still be some amazing tracks on other maps. There are many little things that this track includes that makes it stand out. The weapon placement set well with all the weapons except for one floating from arches and scenery on the map. Also, to help people find the weapons, there are power ups on each piece of scenery that a weapon or equipment is located. The flow is magnificent but it can be difficult to race at first. The man cannon turn may be a problem for some but if you take it right, you can rocket around the turn at full speed. This track took me about 40 hours all together. The estimate track time is 23 seconds. It is compatible for all BT gametypes. Please leave constructive criticism and enjoy.




What inspired your creation?

Well I just wanted to bring back how good Foundry was for racetracks and to try different maps other than Sandbox

How long did it take for you to build this track?

Probably 40 hours because I wanted to make sure things were perfect, I wanted the weapon placement to be nice and neat and the scenery took quit some time also.

What aspect of the track took you longest to make?

Probably the single wall turn because I has to make it sharp enough so that it wouldn't run into the wall but not too sharp so it wouldn't be difficult for drivers.

Download Conduit Spurt Here

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This is one of my favorite Foundry tracks. The whole look and feel is just awesome! BTW these are the old BT game variants. I guess it really doesn't matter being that Reach is coming out in a month though. Congrats on the feature! 5/5

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This is Number 7! Thanks a lot guys for the comments and for voting for this track. This is one few maps that I am very proud of because of the many additions I included on the track.

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