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HT Adrenaline Season 4 Signups

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"There will be individual points and overall points for each of the series."

I'm not wasting another 4-8 races just to crown a champion. We have two series, deal with it. Points are going to be easier to receive and in more quanity so it will be easier to get a higher placement in the points. Points will be rewarded for more specfic things like leading the most laps, "on the move" points(who moved up the highest from the bottom), bonus points for top threes and sixes, bonus points for pitting, and so on.

There will be a rulebook as soon as we get a schedule up and tracks to race on for Reach.

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i swear i posted to you already but i guess not. #77 Pepsi/Mcdonalds. Also it is fair without a chase because you go throught the whole season trying to get in it then your points reset and are evened out between you and 7 other drivers so I'm glad there is no chase. Also don't forget xXEnraged HoboXx joined, i know his sponsor is mountain dew but you have to go to my team in the adrenaline forum to see his number I forget what it was.

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Season 4 will consist of competitive oval track racing, terrain racing, and road course racing. If you like to battle for position, have fun, or wreck each other out, sign up for HT Adrenaline here. We will have two series that will have identicial point systems. We will have individual series points and overall points.



---->Adrenaline Cup Racing Series

-Ovals(Daytona, Indy, Dega, Bristol, and more)

-Season 3 Racing

-Qualifying, Pits, and Cautions

-10 Races(NO CHASE)

---->Terrain Pro Racing Series

-All Terrain

-Long Tracks, Long Races

-Qualifying Only, Rolling Starts, Intentional Wrecking

-10 Races(NO CHASE)

Sign Up Sheet:


# - Name - Sponsor

1. #17 - Edward - Dr. Pepper/Del Taco

2. #23 - TJmax - Tjmaxx/Bungie

3. #8 - Phantom - Monster Energy/Heros

4. #18 - Emo - Guitar Center

5. #35 - Kevin - Kia/Frosted Flakes

6. #11 - Barricade - Fed-Ex/UPS

7. #13 - Chief - Microsoft

8. #?? - Deano - University of Cincinnati

9. #87 - Josh - Nvidia G-Force

10. #3 - Amplify - Blink 182/Amp Energy

11. #88 - Racin Jason88 - Sprite/EA Sports

12. #24 - chillybob DSG - Dupont/Pepsi

13. #48 - ix Ske7ch ix - Lowes/Lube

14.#22-XXMXJC388XX-modern wafare/rockster



when does it start

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