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chillybob DSG

Formula 1 Reach Results

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Hello all F1 members. The team draft is returning for the beginning of season two but we are doing it a little differently. The six best teams in F1 will be in the draft first so they can pick up the best racers. That being said, you can only participate in this first draft if you are in the top 12 in GP points standings. So you guys must pick a number 1-12. Lets get it started.

Teams in the Draft:


Red-Bull Renault

Scuderia Ferrari

Brawn GP

Mercedes GP

Honda F1

chillybob DSG - 5

Ordinarry - 8

SOT Em0 Sk8ter - 3

Edward - 7

Joshn3ss - 9

Payps - 12

Deano is Super - 1

Purple Dinosaur - 2

Barricade - 11

ske7ch - 6

AMP - 4

chief - 10

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