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    Hello HaloTracks, so here is the new Interviewing special for the Community, Member of the Week. These interviews will be for everyone on HaloTracks.

It is not for a strict rank, but for everyone. It's run by myself BreMerie93, and Katancik. There's not really any way for someone to know who's going to be next in line for these interviews, it's going to be up to the two of us to seek out the Member of the Week. (You will be informed of why you were chosen as Member of the Week, and Interviewed.. Maybe even a little side prize, but you'll have to wait and see what that is.)

    Anyways, back to our Member of the Week. This weeks Member of the Week is Mr Frodo. For those who don't know who he is, Mr Frodo is one of our Admins

here on HaloTracks. Mr Frodo has been a large part of the community for a few years now, and has really been there to help with a lot of individual problems with all ranks. So it only seemed right for him to be Interviewed. Now for those who remember, he had been interviewed a little over a year ago, so it was also time to see how things had been going with him now being Admin. He just so happens to be the Head Tester as well, so for those who are interested in this, you can contact him for further information. Now lets get to the Interview.

How is it being one of three Administrators on HaloTracks?

    Although HaloTracks may seem like just a gaming website to some, to me it is much more than that. In my experiences with this site, I have come to love

and respect the community and my highest priority is to make the community fun and enjoyable for all that join. As an Administrator, I do have to put on my serious face every now and then and deal with the Staff, Heads of Staff, and other community related occurrences. However, I try my best to be an Admin that everyone can feel comfortable around and that everyone can look up to and trust in that I am doing what is best for the entire community. Although running a community and holding the hopes of all the members of HaloTracks on my shoulders can be a rigorous task at times, it is my duty and my service and I am glad to provide it day in and day out.

How is it working with all those Staff members?

    Hmmm... The Staff. You love em' and you hate em'. It is always a mystery when dealing with Staff, but it is because of this that they are fun to work with.

Sometimes they do their work, sometimes they don't. Consequently, sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am upset. Whether I am dealing with Staff or Head of Staff, working or not working, I always keep the community's interests as the number one priority. When I work with the Staff on new projects or ideas, it is for the community to remain stable and happy or to enlarge the community. The Staff are my little worker bees, and the Heads of Staff are the Commander Bees, I am the King Bee and killer is the Queen Bee. We are all a family and our family is the community.

So, is there anything interesting that you want to share with the Community that might be coming to HaloTracks?

    Oh....nothing big really. Just an automated tournament system with automated rankings that will blow the minds of every single HaloTracks member currently

registered. Yes I'm being facetious. It is a very big deal and everyone will be truly awed by what killer has been working on since the summer months. I'll try not to give too much away, but you can also expect that the tournaments and maps will be integrated into one. I will let the imaginations run with that small detail. As for things you haven't heard about, you know those achievements you get on Xbox? What if we had achievements on HT that gave you points whenever you got them... Could be cool I suppose. I wouldn't expect anything of that nature until sometime after the beginning of 2011. However, you can expect the new tourney system to be up by Christmas, so get pumped HT!

Throughout your time here on HaloTracks, have you learned anything?

    I have learned multiple things from the HT community. One thing I have learned is that it is important to just talk to people if there is a dispute. Time and

time again I stress the power of the PM or Xbox LIVE Chat. Although it may seem pointless, I promise you arguments disagreements will be settled much quicker if you send me a PM or talk to me on Xbox LIVE. In addition, the HT community provides feedback to myself, killer, and the entire staff as to what we can improve on for the site to make the community better and more entertaining. If there's one thing I have learned about life in general from HT, it is to listen to those whom you are providing a service.

How does it feel to be chosen as Member of the Week?

    To be honest, it feels kind of awkward. I am the Administrator, so I kind of always give everything I can to this site every week, without really expecting

recognition. Although members tend to think that being on Staff or in a position of power gives you recognition, in all truthfulness, it is what you do that gives you recognition, not a title. Nonetheless, I am honored to be named the Member of the Week and I can guarantee I will keep servicing the community as best I can until my time here ends.

    It means a great deal to play a vital role to keeping this community alive. I will admit that I love my job as Administrator. I feel that leadership comes to those

that do not pursue it, rather it seeks those whom exemplify it. By this, I mean that I never really sought out my rank as Admin. Rather, through my work as Tester, Head Tester, and even Manager, I was thrust into the role and the rank was just something that came along with it. It's not being an Administrator that makes me proud to serve the community, it is being the Administrator that all can look up to for honesty and integrity.

What's your life like aside from HaloTracks?

    Oh boy, you had to ask about my life. Okay, so here's my life on a silver platter. I have a part time job at Walgreens that pays about $550 per month. I am

consistently putting half of it in savings for college because I am currently a senior in high school and I plan on going to an out of state University. I am taking 3 AP courses this year, two of which actually make me try (Physics and Calculus). I hang out with my friends whenever I'm not working or going to band practice. Sorry, I forgot to mention I am in a Rock/Metal band. Although I will neglect it, we are still starting out. We have 8 originals and I am working on a 9th one right now. We just got a new bassist and singer so we're working on the lyrics and we should have an album done by April. I play guitar and I write about 95% of everything we have made. On top of that I like to play sports, particularly soccer, and I wakeboard as well, but that's during the summer. My favorite sport to watch is hockey and I have season tickets to the Hurricanes games this year. When I'm not doing one of the things listed above, then I am on Reach or HT or I am doing something else that is procrastinating my homework or some other work I'm supposed to be doing. There you have it, my life, in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed.

What's something that if you could, change about HaloTracks?

    I enjoy all the fun topics that are posted on the community and I enjoy the tournaments that go on (when I participate). As far as changes, there are many

that cross my mind on a daily basis. I can't really remember them all but a few consist of rank changes, staff changes, community stuff, etc. I usually deal with the community side of things while killer handles all the technical stuff behind the scenes. Although it would be good if I good help him do coding, I have absolutely no knowledge of coding whatsoever. As of now I am quite useless in that area other than providing intelligent input on what he creates, but I plan on getting a major in computer science, so doing that may put me on a level with good old Robert :D

What's the deal with Testers?

    I just wish I could get more people to apply for it. I've recently made some changes and added some more perks to the job because it really is key to get

reviews for all the maps. It not only helps the map maker become better, but it also shows the members which maps are good and which maps are not. The new perks include tournament passes and points for every review, as usual. In addition, the review requirement is now only 5 per month if you are just a Tester. Not difficult at all, and if I could get just 10-15 people doing 5 every month, that's about 50-75 maps reviewed per month. We'd have the maps done in just a couple months, with very little individual effort. Of course it looks good on paper, but getting people to apply and do the work is another story that I am constantly trying to solve.

How are you liking/disliking Halo:Reach?

    Reach is a great game. I am really getting into the commendations and challenges and I'm working hard to get off of Warrant Officer. I should be a Captain in

about 2 weeks I think. My favorite playlist is SWAT because there is nothing more rewarding than a one shot kill to the enemies face. I also like the ability to have 16 racers in a race, however it is definitely not ideal for tournament races due to lagging. Probably the most one should have for a tournament should be 10 racers. As far as who I hang out with on Xbox LIVE, it varies. I like to spice it up ya know, keep it fresh, keep it fly, but not too fly. I would not want to get carried away (That was the punch line folks). My usual party will consist of BrEzZiE (the girl), tote trays (the non-capitalizer), katancik (the mighty sensei), c u l8er (the founding founder), enraged hobo (the guy with the girl), and of course good old egodude (REEEEGGGOOOOO). Like I said, I keep it fresh, but more times than not you can find me in a party with AT LEAST one of the above members.

When you do depart from HaloTracks, what do you want to be remembered by?

    I would really hate to leave the community and my job and service I provide for everyone, but if I were to leave, I would always want to be remembered as

Froho. Although I used to hate it, it identifies that I have become carefree, in addition to identifying me, Frodo. In addition to remembering me by that name, I would like for everyone to remember that I always worked for the community. I hope the day never comes that I depart from HaloTracks, but when it does, I pray that I leave it in good hands and in a stable condition so that HT can live on for generations of teenagers. (If there are more Halo games).

Thanks for reading Member of the Week!

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LOL, Killer's the Queen Bee! omg the best line ever

I agree that was hilarious.

Indeed a great interview, Froho! Nice and descriptive. :good:

yes it was, but I figured that would come from you Froho.

I love how you gave your main HT XBL friends "descriptions" of a sort and its funny how I'm the guy with the girl, fits me well I guess


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This Tournament thing sounds like it could be a huge sucess or gigantic failure.

if its going to keep track of tournaments make sure squad tournies are included Killer!

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The squads will be included. But I promise it will be a success, it's just so cool! I really enjoyed this interview. I should have helped with it, but I iz stupid. Great job frodo and Bre!

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This Tournament thing sounds like it could be a huge sucess or gigantic failure.

if its going to keep track of tournaments make sure squad tournies are included Killer!

Don't worry about it. We have everything covered and then some. Almost everything possible has been thought through. It will be good.

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