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tote trays

HT Update #79

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Hello HaloTracks, time for Update 11/22/10, only a few more Updates until it's a new year. There was a new Feature this week, c u l8er was nominated as the winner for the Halloween Forging Contest that was run by Smm2010. c u l8er gives descriptions of his track, and how he built it in the Feature. Click here to download HauntedRider.

After a few days of discussion, our Head of Maps staff has finally come to a consensus for the Elite Mapmakers. In order to keep your rank, you must complete and release at least two racetracks a month. Simple, right?

The rank of Elite Mapmaker is given to the most outstanding Mapmakers on this site that consistently make great racetracks. If you are one of the regular Mapmakers on this site that would like to become an Elite Mapmaker, you must prove yourself for that position with your forging abilities. Flow, race ability, creativity, and overall enjoyment are the key factors to making your maps one of the best. If you reach or perhaps exceed the quality of these key factors with your forge abilities, you may be contacted by one of our Head of Maps in consideration for this rank. You cannot apply for this rank, so please do not ask or apply for it.


  • @CoookkieMonster - +Elite Mapmaker
  • - +Elite Mapmaker
  • xXEner4gedHoboXx - Forum Ninja
  • xXEner4gedHoboXx - Head Ambassador

Last weeks Member of the Week was @Spencermx14. He is a rapidly growing Forger/Map Maker for HaloTracks. Spencer talks about some of his maps he had created, along with the Community here on HaloTracks. If you would like to get to know him more, check out the topic Here, and see for yourself. Come back this Friday for this week's Member of the Week's interview.


HT Caption Contest:

The HaloTracks Caption Contest has been started up again by Aviator. For those that don't know what the HT Caption Contest consists of, it's a contest where you are given a screen shot, and the member to create the best logo or slogan for that Screen shot wins the HT Caption Contest. This contest is run every week by Aviator and Masta. Members have from Monday 'till Saturday to submit any quotes they have about the Screen shot, and then Aviator and Masta will decide what quote is the winner. For more instructions on this Contest please read the topic.

HT Sig of the Week 58:

HT SOTW is started back up, for those that don't know what this contest is, it's a contest where the Media Directors have a challenge for the community to create a theme based Signature. In order to win, you must submit your signature in the right format, and it must follow the theme that was selected for that week. Check the topic for more rules on this contest.

Longest Terrain Forge Contest:

created the longest terrain forge contest was created to get more competitive terrain tracks out there. The tracks will be judged on Quality, Entertainment, and Scenery/Theme. There are a few rules that you should read up on before creating out Tracks, so be sure to look over the Topic created by Edward. This Contest ends on December 11th, then these tracks will be judged by himself, and selected Staff members, and after that, it is up to the community to decide what track will be the winner.

New Members Tourney Forging Contest:

The New member's tournament forging contests have been created by the Ambassadors for the Community to create more RaceTracks for the New Member Tournaments. These tournaments run every other week. This contest is currently over, and the voting for this contest is still under way, so the results should be posted soon, so keep a look out! Also, if you are a new member check out the New Member Tournaments, they're a lot of fun, and a great thing to have to get started and meet some new people.

Music, Track, and Video Choreography Challenge:

Ice N1ne Kills's Music/Track Video contest is still running. You have until December 12th to submit all videos for this contest. All you have to do, is create a RaceTrack, and make a video for it. But, there there's a catch, you'll need to add music to your video that goes along with your track. There are many prizes for those who may win this contest, so get building, and be creative!! This contest has another month before it's at ease, so finish up what you've got, and make it good! There haven't been any submissions for this Contest yet, but if you are done creating it, and would like it to be recognized send it to BreMerie93 to be added to the weekly Update.

blh's Halo Reach City Map Contest

This contest was created by blh on the soul purpose of having some creative maps being made out there. This contest requires you to make a racetrack in the City. However you decide to do that, you must follow the rules given to you by @blh in this contest. The deadline for this is November 30th, and then comes the Judging period. So if you're interested in a unique style of forging, and maybe even a challenge, check out this challenge. But make sure you read the rules first.

Tournament Track Creations Contest:

@smm2010's Contest is the community of HaloTracks to create more Tournament Tracks. The purpose of this Contest is to create good tracks that could be used in Tournaments. There aren't many rules, but make sure you do read the rules to insure that your Track is accepted.The deadline for this contest is on December 18th, so make sure you get started You've still got another month to go. Check it out, and give it a go.


This week is another fairly quiet week as far as new news goes, but there are a few points of interest this week, so lets get to it. To start off, this week's Bungie Update, there was an interview with one of the Noble Map Pack’s Environment Art Leads, Rob Adams. If you have some time, go check it out and learn what it takes to design spaces for Bungie approved maps. You will also find before and after pictures of the three new maps which is always cool. Finally, Bungie touched on the topic of the Forgetacular Contest. The deadline for map submissions is November 30th, which means you only have a mere 8 days left if you are still planning on entering your map.

I Can Haz Bungie Paycheck?!?

Many of you probably have heard that Bungie is asking for the gaming community to help them out on their next game. Anyone is eligable to sign up and be chosen. (Yes, that means you little kid blasting your music through your xbox mic.) Please note that there will be restrictions, and Bungie will choose you if they think you are the right person for the job.

Not all who enlist will be selected. But hundreds of thousands of gamers will likely be needed before all is said and done. March with us, and together, we will bask in the glory of World Domination.

Some of the perks to this job are:

  • Playtests and Usability Testing at Bungie
  • Surveys on game playing habits
  • Alpha and Beta Testing for Bungie's next game

That sounds pretty awesome huh? Well, you can visit the topic here and sign yourself up to be taken into consideration

The Interesting Subtitle Section

For all of those score attack enthusiasts out there, click here to be shown how to play sniper attack.




The Aviator13



This week in the Forums there is a Graphic posted by @tote trays that I find hilarious:



Entertainment of the Week

On the early morning of Saturday 20th, around 1:00am Eastern that is, three people by the name of smm2010, c u l8er, and Obi Wan Casseli were playing a friendly game of Invasion on Boneyard. The whole team was kicking ass with the final score being 3-0 at the end. The three of them were checking out each other's stats for the game and the conversation below began to unfold. (WARNING: Excessive language used; enjoy!)

-c u l8er: Yes! OMG Cassel I will destroy you. I'm still undefeated on HauntedRider. You're about to get wrecked. Doing three laps.

C u l8er ended up getting beat for the first time on HauntedRider, and asked for a rematch.

Quotes from the Second Race:

-Cassel: Whoop barrel roll and I'm still going!


-c u l8er: God *Censored* damnit! No *Censored* you Cassel! You're not gonna beat me!

Ending Conversation:

-Cassel: YES!!!! I beat you again! On your own track again! You suck!

-c u l8er: Screw you, Cassel...

-Cassel: It's cuz you're adopted.

-c u l8er: I'm not adopted.

-Cassel: Dude! You're adopted.

-c u l8er: Alright screw this. I'll destroy you in Hog Wars let's do it Cassel!

-smm2010: (thinks of a good pun to use on c u's last reply but can't think of any)

-Cassel: We'll do it some other time. I gotta get up in the morning so I'm gonna get off.

-c u l8er: *Censored*

-Cassel: Alright I'm getting off now. I'll see you in hell you burning *Censored*!

-c u l8er: Whatever. *Censored*.

It's crazy how a conflict can start from simple Matchmaking game statistics, isn't it? From the bold and the cunning to the cocky and arrogant, this was one conflict that will continue on once Cassel stops being a pansy and going to bed at 3 in the morning as an excuse to wager off the rest of the ordeal. We love you Cassel, no homo.

As for c u l8er, keep on truckin'. You'll eventually beat Cassel at something.

Stay true, my friends.


For media this week, take a look at the new track posted in the gallery by @imrpowers click here to view the map in the gallery, and check out the video made for it as well!


Well HaloTracks, hope you enjoyed this weeks Update, come back this Friday for the Member of the Week Interview. Have a good Thanksgiving, and don't eat too much Turkey and Ham!

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Cool, videos are graphics now :p, just playin. Good update... I don't know why you put my sig in this lol. It was soooooo baaaad.

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Good update good.gif

Now whom ever does the general section should really learn to spell me username. or just call me Hobo....

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I figured it you bre. You still got it wrong lol only 1 "e".

Other then that it is a well done update like I said before.

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good update, thought the Entertainement of the week part was really stupid however.

You are a very negative person. That part was a bit of a surprise for me. I thought it was pretty funny.

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I was asked to put it in, and therefore I worked it in as best I could. And Deano's not negative, he's just critical, which in my opinion, is a good thing.

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Its just that that sorta thing is always going on so one circumstance of it i could care less reading about in an update

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