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Hello HaloTracks! It's about time to have a nice Staff v.s. Community tournament, and our first one in Reach! Now that we have decent maps out there we can do this. You see the details below, but this tournament will be slightly different this time. We will alternate gametypes. (i.e. Race, then Matchmaking, Race, Matchmaking etc.) For the tracks, you will still have to line up at the end of the indicated lap. I will keep track of how many laps are completed. I will anwser any questions in game.

50 Point Entry (Level 3)

  • You must have 100 posts. No exceptions!
  • Entry fee of 50 points to participate. Donate your entry fee to the HT Bank Account. I (tote trays) will be regulating the HT Bank Account to make sure if you donated your points or not.
  • Reply with "PAID" when you have paid your entry fee.

Date/Time: Dec. 11th 2010

PST: 6pm

GMT: 7pm

CST: 8pm

EST: 9pm


1. Caverns (3 Laps)

2. Interstate (3 Laps)

3. Montisville (9 Laps)

Other gametypes:

1. Team Slayer on Powerhouse

2. Team Swat on Countdown


  • Start at 10 second lap time
  • No cutting the track
  • No shooting
  • Do not drive backwards and impede other racers. (This includes intentional wrecking like demo blocking.)
  • Competitive racing is alowed, so trade that paint!
  • Respect other participants durring the race. Trash talk is allowed, but just be civil.


1st offense: warning

2nd offense: kicked from the tournament

Points System

For Races:

1st: 10

2nd: 9

3rd: 8

4th: 7

5th: 6

6th: 5

7th: 4

8th: 3

9th: 2

10th: 1

All of the racer's points will be added to their respective teams. Because this is a team tournament, the team who wins best out of the five matches wins. (We will continue with all five games regardless)


If all 10 racers sign up, 100 points will be awarded to each participant on the winning team.

Userbar Example:





1. tote trays PAID

2. katancik PAID


4. hobo PAID

5. bre PAID


1. Datastorm 1 PAID






1. cassel PAID

2. Ordinaryy PAID

3. chiefdelta PAID

4. The Fuglystick PAID

5. Deano is Super PAID


1. Falkenskillzz23 PAID

2. yugnoswam

3. killzone



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Put me on Staff overflow. I might be able to make it, But I'm not 100% sure yet. :]

Same for me

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Cole I can't wait to kill you and bag you until your eyes burn from the horror. :p PAID

Just a few suggestions for the format that I wanted to point out. I AM NOT HATING.

-There need to be more rules and more details for the rules

-Punishments for each specific rule

-More laps on the first two races

-More and better games and maps for LMAO. Maybe have custom made maps and more objective gametypes.

-Format could be a tad more tidy. But its OK.

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I'll take another look at how long of lap time the first tracks are. I don't want to make it too long because there are a few slayer games in there too. The rules there are the only general ones I could think of. you are welcome to suggest specific ones that you think should be in there though and I'll add them

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