HT Tournament System Alpha Raffle

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HT Tournament System Alpha Raffle

We Make Christmas Come Early, Again

So, I am sure you are all tired of hearing me talk ambiguously about the Tournament System. Do not fret though, because after somewhere around 6 months of work, I finally have a product that is deemed "usable-ish." So in order to expedite the process of fixing the rest of the bugs, I am offering a small private Alpha to a small group of lucky members. All you have to do is reply to this topic to let me know you are interested, and your post ID is your raffle number. At exactly 8:30 PM CST (9:30 EST) on December 7th the topic will close and no further entries will be allowed. At this point 3 users will be chosen randomly and be sent a notification that they won.


  • You may not enter if you are a staff member. (Check the Staff forum for further details)
  • Only 1 Post per user, if you respond more than once, or use multiple accounts, you will be disqualified.
  • Entries will be closed at 8:30 CST PM (9:30 EST) on December 7th, 2010
  • You must respond to a winning notification within 12 hours to receive your Alpha invite or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions.
  • That is all!

There will the an additional invite given to a very special member based on activity over the next 24 hours and another invite given out to this week's member of the week. So look forward to that as well.

If you get the Alpha you are required to be active in an effort to try to find bugs / issues with the system. If you are not actively finding bugs / testing the system, you will be removed. It is a commitment, so don't sign up if you don't think you will have the time to do so, there will be information about the Tournament System coming out to the public sometime in the next week, so you won't be waiting long for information.

You are not allowed to share any details about the tournament system with anyone ever. If you do, you may be banned. All discussions of features and other info should take place on the development board, no exceptions.

Please have fun and good luck to you all!!

Edit: Results are in, here are the round 1 raffle results:


Congratulations to SAVIOR OMEGA, xdeathlordx, and yugnoswam for winning the raffle and to Deano is Super and xKiLL ZoNEx for winnign the activity contest.

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An alpha is typically the first test run of a program.

The purpose of an alpha test is to get all of the major bugs identified before the system either goes to a final version, or more likely a larger scale beta test.


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