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Tournament System: The Details

A major part of the new tournament system is the ranking system we have created to go along with it. Killer200o has fashioned a formula to create an overall ranking of a racer and, when combined with an experience rating, you get a rank similar to the ones in Halo: Reach. In this topic I will explain how the HTSkill rating works, how the ranking system works, and I will also show the screenshots from last weeks topic without the blurs. In addition, I will also talk about betting on racers, giving ratings to tournament hosts, and using tournament passes. So put on your security helmet and activate your inclement weather as we get into the details of the Tournament System!

Section #1: The Details – HTSkill, Experience, and Rankings

HTSkill is a rating that can be used for other racers to decide who is more skilled, for limiting the HTSkill of racers that can join a tournament, and even for creating odds of winning for each racer so other members can bet on racers. HTSkill is the beginning of a revolution for HaloTracks that will bring in more members as well as create a more competitive atmosphere. Here is how the HTSkill rating is calculated:


At a glance, the equation looks complicated and lengthy. However, a quick run through will reveal how the calculation truly works. The first part of the equation adds your current HTSkill with a Rank Adder. The Rank Adder is a constant that is determined based on what you placed in the tournament and how many racers were in the tournament. It generally ranges from about -6 through +6, but it changes depending on the number of participants. The higher you place in the tournament, the higher your rank adder. The next part of the equation takes your HTSkill and subtracts the average skill of the racers who beat you. It is divided by 30 in order to weigh your HTSkill on the correct scale. The last part of the equation takes your HTSkill and subtracts the average skill of the racers who you beat. It is divided by 20 in order to weigh your HTSkill on the correct scale. The number that you get is your HTSkill. The equation is very fair because what it does is figure out what you should have placed in the tournament according to the HTSkill of all the other racers in the tournament. It then calculates a new HTSkill based on how you finished and where you were supposed to finish. Thus, if you participate in a tournament with racers who all have higher HTSkill than you and you place 2nd or 3rd, you will probably gain more skill than the person who actually finished first. This is due to the fact that you technically shouldn’t have beaten some of the members that you did, so your skill is adjusted more in order to get you closer to where you “should be.” Similarly, if you join a tournament with racers of significantly lower HTSkill than you and you come in second to last place, you will lose much more HTSkill than the racer who actually finished last. This also means that if you have the highest HTSkill on the website, it will be difficult to stay there for very long since you will literally have to win every race to stay on top (thus there will be a lot of competition).

The ranking system is a similar one to what we found in Halo 3. It is comprised of HTSkill and Experience points. Below is a chart of how much experience you get in a tournament and a list of what HTSkill and Experience it takes to reach each rank. Click on the spoiler to see the images:


The list above gives a detailed breakdown on how experience is awarded for every match depending on your rank and the number of participants in the tournament.


The above shows the layout of the ranking system and how you achieve each individual rank. To start, let me clarify that the Exp amounts that are in the table are the total amounts you need to get to that rank. So, let’s say that you are a Level 7 Grade 2; then you will need a total of 4,800 experience points to rank up to Level 7 Grade 3. Furthermore, to go to Level 8 Grade 1 you only have to get your HTSkill up to 50 because you will already have the necessary experience (Note: There will be names for each rank as well as rank images. Courtesy of locoskier78). Every player will have a “start-off” HTSkill of 30. There is a “Checkpoint” that you must reach in order for your rank to “lock-in.” Basically, once you get to an HTSkill of 35, your rank can no longer go down if your HTSkill goes down. It is like Halo 3 because, once you reach an HTSkill of 35, your rank is based off of your highest HTSkill you have ever achieved.

There are other features to the HTSkill and ranking system that make it fairer than Halo: Reach ranking. For one thing, there is no “Credit Mountain” in the middle of the ranks like there is in Halo: Reach (Warrant Officer) and the Skill level is consistent at all times. If you look at the experience part of the ranking system, you will see that it does take more experience to rank up as you get to higher ranks. However, there is no huge experience amount in the middle like in Halo: Reach. In Halo 3, your skill became harder to increase as you played more and more games. In the tournament system, your HTSkill is recalculated after every tournament based solely on what your Current HTSkill is. Your new HTSkill after a tournament is 45% new skill and 55% old skill.

So as you probably can see, there was a lot of work put into making this tournament ranking as fair and accurate as possible, and there are plenty of tests that we have done that are not included within this topic. If there is a big enough interest in a more thorough demonstration of the system, more data may be released at a later date. The HTSkill rating is basically the framework for most of the main features on the system, so it is best that you get familiar with it as you will be getting a lot of quality time with it.

Section #2 – The Details: Betting

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to bet on racers, even bet big on yourself and then win and bask in self-righteousness for eternity? Regardless whether you have wondered or not, the new tournament system gives you the opportunity to place bets on racers. We heard your demands and we have produced, just for you, the HaloTracks community.

Betting is very simple. All you have to do to bet on someone in a tournament is go to the tournament sign up page (see The Basics topic for more information) and click on the “Roster” button. You will see this page pop up:


As you can see, by clicking on the “bet” button next to a member you get a bar below the member whom you are betting on. You can adjust the bar at will. The number in the left box (in this example: 500) is how many points you are betting and the number on the right (in this example: 1419.2441) is the maximum payout you can get. You get the maximum payout if the member you bet on places first. The column next to the “bet” buttons is a list of the highest payout rate that each racer would have if he/she were to place 1st in the tournament. To get the payout the system first calculates odds by using your new HTSkill and subtracting it from your old HTSkill. It then divides that number by three. If your new HTSkill is less than or equal to your old HTSkill, then you will have a 0 odds and anyone that bet on you will not get any points off of you. As long as you improve your HTSkill, people will earn points off of you (Hint: It is a good idea to bet on racers who are on a winning streak).

Section #3 – The Details: Tournament Passes

The new tournament system also allows you to use tournament passes automatically. You will be able to get tournament passes by purchasing them in the store or by winning them in contests (if the contest host is making them a part of the prize). There is a tournament pass for each tournament level. A tournament pass for the Bronze Level tournaments (See the first Tournament Topic for information on tournament levels), will allow you to join those tournaments free of charge. A tournament pass for the Silver Level tournaments will allow you to join those tournaments and the Bronze Level tournaments free of charge. A tournament pass for the Platinum Level tournaments will allow you to join any tournament free of charge. The specifics of how long these passes will last for is still being decided.

Section #4 - The Details: Host Ratings

In the new tournament system, participants in a tournament (participants only) will be able to give a rating on how well the tournament host did at hosting the tournament. To give the tournament host his/her "Host Rating" you must go to the Results topic for your tournament. If you are a participant, this is the page you will see:


On the left side beneath the Host's member card there is a meter. You can adjust the meter to the rating you want to give the Host. Once you begin to adjust the meter the comment box will appear and you must leave a comment as to why you are giving the host the rating you are giving him/her. Once you have selected the correct rating and left comments, you can click the "Add Rating" button and your rating will be averaged in to the member's Host Rating. (Note: Events Mangers will moderate Host Ratings. If you are caught giving bad or good host ratings for no reason, you will be punished and your ratings will be deleted.)

Section #4 - The Details: Screenshot Extras

Below are screenshots of the tournament set up page and the sign up page just like the ones that can be found in the first Tournament Topic. However, the difference in these screenshot is that the blurs have been removed from the screenshots in the first Tournament Topic.


In this screenshot, you can now see the last three checkboxes before "Host Participation." You can limit the HTSkill range of members that are allowed to join your tournament. The second to last checkbox allows you to decide whether or not you want betting in your tournament, and the last checkbox basically makes it so that the tournament is strictly for fun and HTSkill is not factored into the tournament (aside from No-Shows).


On this sign up page, you can now see a few things on the left hand side underneath the Tournament Host's card. You can see what the skill range is for the tournament, if betting and ranking are enabled for the tournament, and you can also see who the favorite is for the tournament (who should win according to HTSkill) and who is the member who has been most betted on for that tournament so far.

Thank you for reading about this section of the new Tournaments System. Tune in this Wednesday for information about the Leaderboards and Statistics behind the rankings and HTSkill described in this topic. For information on participating in tournaments or hosting tournaments, go to the first "New Tournament System" topic in the Announcements about the Basics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the experts behind the system listed below:

Special Thanks to:

@killer200o – Coded every line of this tournament system. No other Halo site has anything like what we will have starting December 25.

@katancik – Designed the skin for the tournament system and updated entire website skin (May not be released with this update).

@Mr Frodo – Wrote the two Tournament Topics so far and will write the last one on Wednesday.

@locoskier78 – Created the Header image for this topic as well as rank images for the Tournament System Rankings.

The HaloTracks Community – You inspired the ideas for this creation.


HaloTracks Administration

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They will factor into your overall htskill as well as a seperate "per sqaud" skill level. That will be covered in depth next week.

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Well, frodo aces his English courses for a reason, any chance that I get part credit for the tournament automation idea :p. I have to say really good job killer, I love the formula, that was well thought out.

<------6,999 post!

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Well, frodo aces his English courses for a reason, any chance that I get part credit for the tournament automation idea :p. I have to say really good job killer, I love the formula, that was well thought out.

<------6,999 post!

There were actually some outstanding flaws in his writing that would not hold up in any academia setting.

While i will admit it is very good for its audience.

Edited by Mad Hatter

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Yea I did not even proofread my English in this so I doubt it was that great. I'm pretty sure tenses were varying and in consistent so yea.

Enough of that though. On topic guys. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the Tournament System, post them here and now :)

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well looks like i need to read up and learn all about this system in order to host all the tournament I have planned for next semester.

Looks really well flushed out and streamlined. I'm a gambling man myself, so it'll be good to make some points in this way.

The layout looks great!

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