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Well I know many people already love this idea and enjoy being a part of it, but I thought I would try to make it official. I would Like to make a sqaud called the DRL. We aren't a bunch of agressive jerks but a group of people who like to have a bit more fun when it comes to races. In tournaments our rules would be as follows: 1. No cheating, 2. No driving backwards, 3. No getting off of your mongoose, 4. If you fall off by accident, no grenading. Other than that just about everything will be allowed, and we even encourage and promote dirty racing: intentional wrecking, shoving, flipping, sandwiching, break-checking, pushing off the track; you name it. We don't take racing quite as seriously, but have alot of fun doing so. I know there's probably like 8 or so people who technically are part of the DRL, but if you are interested please let me know!-CoookkieMonster

1. CoookkieMonster

2. THE Fuglystick

3. SMM2010

4. Das TeknoViking

5. Deano Is Super

6. iBigBumpin

7. UltimateSlayer5

8. Skins266

9. tdudes

10. del616

11. Nightmare98

12. V Ionized

13. stoyben

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I sent a message to several friends steve, on xbox, but not you becuase I thought of all my friends you wouldnt like this! lol, However, I'm very glad that you do like this and I think we will all have a blast doing it!

^^In that whole paragraph up there only one grammar problem! Darn, lol^^

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Well thats part of it aviotor, but I couldnt mention it in the post! but yeah sure, we'd be glad to have you =D Now, how do I officially "apply" for this squad?

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