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Hey girls and boys, its this guy again, and i bring news about mongoose chronicles!

We are ready to motion act the teaser trailer and, i'd like to get some names of people that would like to help make this series a reality! Basically here's what is needed.

We need people willing to spend some of their time to help out with Mongoose Chronicles ad possibly other series and videos. If you do decide to sign up, then do understand that your gamertag is not being mentioed in the trailers, but full episodes and other videos. If you are still interested in participating, please sign up here with your Gamertag. If you wanna help out further, then you may help us by building a map in the topic that you may have seen a while back. this one: http://www.halotracks.org/forum/topic/25809-ode-for-a-building-request/page__mode__show

If you begin construction on a building and need guidance on construction, give me a message and i'll introduce you to the Studio Forger.

If you are signing up for a character spot, then do understand the requirements:

1. We need people to listen to our instructions for as the Director of this series, I am not that forgiving and you will be removed if you cause trouble.

2. You must stay focused at all times and if you have a mental disorder, let me know.

3. No killing unless i give the all clear.

4. BE ON TIME!!!! the time of filming is set and does not change no matter who you are or who you think you are.

The time of filming is:

Saturday, April 30, 2011


You do not need the maps for the teaser trailer and if you do sign up, you may be lucky enough to hear more of the storyline IF the above requirements are followed.

Hope to see lots of sign ups!

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If you are already an actor for the series, you do not have to be in your character uniform, for your character wont apear in the teaser trailer. only 3 characters do show up and that is Jack collins, james walkins, and Quinlan banks. the rest are background characters and voice parts are not needed.

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