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Melbourne track analysis

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This guide is a detailed analysis of the Albert Park street course. It will break down every turn and crutial point in the track to help newer racers to run faster laps and veteran racers to improve their line.


Melbourne is a very technical track with blind corners, flat out chicanes, and precision turns. There are many vital parts of the track that determine a good lap time, and any mistate could take a second off it. You must have courage and precision through every turn to get a really good lap. The current best lap is a 1:04.


Turns 1 and 2


In turn 1, it is important to run as close to the apex as possible to maintain your speed in the approach to turn 2. Because you are approaching it at full speed, that can be very difficult to do, which makes this a key corner to perfect. Coming out of turn 1 into turn 2 you will be directly against the inside wall, but you can easily make the turn full throttle if you use all of the track on the turn out. How fast you take those turns affects your speed through the next straight.

Turns 3, 4, and 5


Turn 3 is the most difficult turn to take perfectly. It is very easy to stall out the mongoose around the turn. The only way to prevent stalling is to hit the braking point signified by red in the suggested line perfectly, losing only enough speed to smoothly go around the turn, and you must also hit the apex and use as much room on the turn out as possible. The next two turns are not difficult, but avoid the high curbs on the inside, only tapping them at the apex.

Turns 6 and 7


Turn 6 is a completely blind right hand turn out of a straight. The easiest way to run the turn perfectly is to aim for the gap immediately when the stunt ramps end. Use enough track need to maintain speed comming out of the corner. Turn 7 is very easy no matter what angle you approach it at. Just give yourself enough room on the way out take take the next turn easily.

Turns 9 and 10


Turn 9 is one of the most dangerous corners on the track. There is no rumble strip and the rock is very easy to hit and flip off of. Many bad multiple car wrecks were caused by that turn. On your own you can take it full speed, just barely rubbing against the wall on the way out. While following someone, however, tread carefully, as their mistake could easily take you out too.

Turns 11 and 12


These turns are very easy to take as long as you go smoothly through them to avoid losing speed. It is crutial to give room to turn into turn 11 to keep your speed. Avoid hitting the rumble strips at all on these two turns.

Turns 13 and 14


Turns 13 and 14 are a double right hand section. Use all of the track turning into 13 and make your way to the outside after the apex. By doing this you leave room to take 14 smoothly. Turning out of 14 give room to turn into 15. This section can be taken very smoothly with a proper racing line.

Turns 15 and 16


Turn 15 is the last of only 2 corners that you must brake for. It also is another place where you can easily stall. If you run a line to give yourself track to turn into, this turn should be not much of a problem. Turn 16 is very easy to take, as long as you are smooth. Also be aware of the pit road entrance to the right of turn 15 and be careful of people going into the pits.

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Bumping this up. I made this for last season when I had too much time. I won't make any more of these, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

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