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The Motocross section is still up because it has 38 maps in it FSU! Its even more than the Rollercoasters section!

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That's exactly what surprised me though... I thought that it would be just a few maps every few months, but it's a large gallery in terms of just being for one style of track. Hell, I'm not complaining though!

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Usually only F1 squad members like those kind of tracks. Advertising them to everyone else is pointless. If they like those maps they can find them in the squad forum.

Disagree, because of this. The reason the SX/MX section is around is because people enjoy the style of the maps and they can also take it into own hands. Usually F1 and NASCAR tracks are only built for events and by one or two people for a squad event.

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Well last time I talked to joshness about this he said he would post up all of the F1 Maps, I have 1 made and it's posted, 1 that just needs kill barriers and one that needs finishing aswel as about 30 ideas for road courses.

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i dont nessecarily agree with this but i dont think that its completely unnessecary. i agree with TJ though that there should be a real life category and all city, F1, and Nascar tracks should fall under that category

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I am sorry for bumping this topic, but I finally got to see all of these post saying WE HAVE TOO MANY SECTIONS!!! You guys said we don't need a Modern Day Racetracks Sections, you guys added a Rally/Rocket Race section. You guys that disagree about having this section are hypocrite(Sorry for the flame but its my opinion). We or should I say edward and josh have made 20+ of both F1 and Nascar. Edward has almost made every single Nascar track from the ones that are used now and in the past. Josh has made every F1 track that was used in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. If you guys want to remove some of the sections. WHY DON"T MERGE THEM? Move all the Roller Coaster Tracks that are in that section into the General Tracks. Merge the Terrain Track into the Tournament Track Section. The description in both of the section says "Made for competitive races. You can also put City Maps in Tournament Tracks. I am not trying to get on anyone's bad side, but it is kinda not fair that Supercross get their own section. Yes they have 40 something mapos, but if we have a Modern Day Racetrack Section, we can have that many as well. at the bottom these are the track that Josh and edward has made.

F1 tracks(IDK if this is all of them, but the ones I know):









Great Britain









Abu Dahabi


Nascar's tracks(IDK if this is all of them):



Big Bear

Auto Club







Lucas Oil


Watkins Glen

New Hampshire




There is also alot of Custom Tracks for both Nascar and F1. And I just don't know what is the big deal of not having one. I think it shows that HT's mapmakers have alot of creativity to make track that are in real life.

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Deano is Super's Seal of Approval: :thumbsup:

most def agree with TJ

i say "Real life track section" or something similar named to that

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