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Championship Halo series

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Ok HT i dont know if any of you have every seen the championship gaming series on tv. but here is the simple idea. there are a group of 8 teams of four people each, there is a person for each game type. ex: V ionized would be the racer for Sx, spencermx would be the racer for terrain, the fuglystick would be the racer for tournament tracks, and after each has raced against the oposing teams racer for each respective track type there would be a 4v4 slayer game on a bungie made map. the winner of each match would advance. the scoring system would be like this


each race will be 3 laps, the number of checkpoints the leader has over the other racer will achieve that many points for their team.

same goes for the slayer match, if your team wins the slayer game by 10 then you will get ten points added to your total score.

the point is if i make a tournament like this do you think that people would sign up and do you think it will work. the idea is for this to happen over the course of a week or so.

here is an example of the of how the bracket will work in terms of teams.

please let me no in the comments below if you would be interested in having a tournament like this


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I think team racing is always tricky to have racers sign up, and when hosting a tournament over the course of a week, you tend to have some of yout participants start to not show up. I really do like the concept, and I hope it goes off great, I just don't know how successful it would really be. Let me if you need any help. A good bracket system is @

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yeah i no but its not really team racing as i kinda described its more or less like the HaloTracks vs Xforgery hump day we had. the actually team portion in the show was this

The individual portions were DOA4

and the other 2 were soccer and PGR4 i though i would might make this like the racing portion of it with a twist

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