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The New Fuel

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Welcome to the new version of Fuel!

We are now a Halo 3 squad! We only race/compete in halo 3. We also have seperate leaderboards for each type of race/competition.

Gametypes We Play:

  • Regular Free-For-All Racing
  • Hardcore Tracks
  • Demo Racing
  • Battle Tracks
  • Multi-Team Racing
  • Slayer/Objective Gametypes

HT Fuel Events:

  • Squad Tournaments
  • Season Finals

Types of Slayer/Objective events:

  • Team Slayer
  • FFA Slayer
  • Team Objective
  • FFA Objective

  • Racing Championships

HT Fuel Event Rules:

-Free-For-All Racing:

  • No cheating in races.
  • No complaining about anything.
  • No making fun of of the other members.
  • No assassinating!
  • No intentional wrecking unless otherwise told.
  • Form a line at the end of each race in the position you finished; stay on your mongoose after the line has been formed
  • -Demo Racing:
    • All Demo events will be 25 laps each.
    • No assassinating!
    • Do not get on the back of another person's mongoose.
    • Do not shoot at anybody.
    • All forms of intentional wrecking are allowed!

    Battle Tracks:

    Battletracks is a gametype that goes to 50 points. There is one shooter and one driver (which is the vip). The objective is for the shooter to kill as many people as possible and for the driver to get as many laps done as possible. Each teammate is vulnerable to damage.

    How to Play:

    Once the game start, the driver and the shooter need to get in a mongoose together and drive the track as fast as possible. You receive 1 point for the shooter killing somebody and 3 points for the driver going through the destination. You do this until 50 laps and then the game ends. Whenever the driver dies but not the shooter, the shooter needs to get out then get back in so they can drive and pick up their teammate at the spawn points. Whenever someone dies, you switches places with them. Driver-->Shooter or Shooter-->Driver. Whoever gets to 50 points first,wins.


    - There are no assassinations.

    - There is no spawn killing.

    - There is no shooting while you are off the mongoose.

    - There is no driving backwards.

    - There is no stealing someone else mongoose or getting on the back of another teams.

    -There is to be NO shooting at the spawn area! You will be docked 3 points every time you do so!

    -New rule for Battle Lasers---On the very first lap, no charging your laser until someone hits the destination! It is unfair to kill teams before they can complete their first lap!

    -No constant complaining about anything. It disrupts everyone and the environment.

    Slayer/Objective Events:

    [*]Follow the rules of each gametype played.

There is a warning system for HT Fuel. If you are causing too much trouble during a race, your warn status will be increased. Here are the punishments:

  • 1st offense: A 1 tournament ban from the squad.
  • 2nd offense: A 1 week ban from the squad.
  • 3rd offense: A 2 week ban from the squad.
  • 4th offense: A 3 week long ban from the squad.
  • 5th offense: A 1-month ban from the squad.
  • 6th offense: Permanent ban from the squad
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I don't know much about halo 3 rules but isn't it also against the rules to camp on the track.

Yes. You are not allowed to shoot your weapon while not on a mongoose, You may occasionaly get off of your mongoose if you are the shooter to pick up a weapon or equipment.

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