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HT Fuel percentages

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In HT Fuel, we use percentages to calculate our leaderboards. This is where you will find your percentages for a season.

How to find out your racing percentage:

Say this is your fourth squad tournament. You finish 1st/8. So you beat 7 racers. Take the number of racers you beat (In this case 7) and divide it by the number of racers in the race (In this case and in all squad tourneys 8 ) so you have 7/8 which = 0.875. Then take that number and multiply it by 100 which = 87.5. Say you got 3rd/8 in your first tourney, 7/8 in your second tourney, and you got 1st/8 in your third tourney. You take your number that you got after multiplying by 100 from each tourney and add it together. Like so 62.5+12.5+87.5=162.5. Then you take that number and divide it by the number of squad tourneys you've been in (In this case 3). You get 162.5/3=54.16. So you are a Pro Racer. You do not get an OFFICIAL racing percentage until after your third squad tourney. Only Squad tourneys will count for your percentage.

*You will get your Racing Rank after you complete 2 official squad tournaments each season (decreased to 2; updated). This pends for each different season.

Squad Rankings:

Elite Racer: 100%-75%

Pro Racer: 74%-50%

Advanced Racer: 49%-25%

Squad Participant: 24%-1%

FFA Racing percentages:

To Be updated

Demo Racing percentages

To Be Updated

Hardcore Racing percentages

To Be Updated

Slayer percentages

To Be Updated

Battletracks percentages

To Be Updated

Relay Racing percentages:

To Be Updated

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