Official F1 Teams (2012 Ed.)

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HT F1 Teams

*When you are on a team you MUST stay with that team for the entire season. Failure to do so will result in the bootsauce out of season. You are allowed to switch teams before the confirmation date, but anytime after is not acceptable. Choose Wisely!!!

These teams are official as of...

Drivers and Constructors Standings

All drivers and teams are listed here.

Scuderia Ferrari




#3. GeneralNonsenze

#4. BicycleShirk

Red Bull Renault

#5. SOT Isn't Em0 and doesn't Sk8ter

#6. Churchyyyyyyyyy


#7. Kalec



#9. Poople

#10. Florida State University

Sauber Ferrari

#11. Jooshn3ss

#12. Canucks Lost to 8th Seed Legend




Caterham Renault

#15. Deathlord

#16. Yugno-Tea and Crumpets-swam

Marussia Cosworth

#17. Deano is Super

#18. Mad is Hatter

Scuderia Toro Rosso

#19. King Edward I

#20. TannerJohnson23




Force India-Mercedes

#23. Barricade

#24. Jake bobius

Free Agents

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I think he meant Caterham, since they were Lotus-Renault last year.

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Does the team actually have any effect on the races, or is it more of a superficial touch? If superficial, I'll go with Caterham, if real, I'll go with Mercedes.

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