Masta Hippie

HC Tourney #34 - Reach

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Date & Times:

FRIDAY July 6th

8:00pm EASTERN

7:00pm CENTRAL


5:00pm PACIFIC


  1. HT HC
  2. Claustrophobia HC
  3. Yugno HC
  4. Octane HxC
  5. Severed HC
  6. Octagon HC
  7. Hardline HC
  8. Black Diamond HC


Normal HC rules with the following exceptions:

  • 3 laps per round on longer tracks.
  • 5 laps per round on shorter tracks.
  • Scoring will be calculated manually with 1 point per lap and -1 per death.

Sign ups:

  1. Masta Hippie
  2. Yugnoswam
  3. jake bobius
  4. Derk
  5. Cassel
  6. Smm
  7. Jeffh
  8. LolFerret (VK Victus)
  9. Taxxman
  10. Sprintfuzion
  11. MrCindrr


  1. PastySmashedTom

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Sign me up :)

I might be making some slight alterations to Yugno HC and Hardline HC btw.

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