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Church and i would like to start a new squad in HaloTracks.

This is going to be a squad based off of a game other than halo.

This game is called Ogame and it is a strategy game that can be played on any internet enabled device that has a largely functioning internet browser.

This is not the first time we have started a halo group to play this game but it is the first time we have tried starting a squad about it.

In the past church, deano, emo, hatter, purpledinosaur, pappys, and many others played this game with us for a long time.

It is an insanely fun game and we can all start at the same time in the same universe and if its not your cup of tea you can quit out any time you want.

If anyone is interested in joining up with church and i and playing this amazingly fun free game then please drop us a line and say you want to join up with us. Universe 44

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Not long if you join. Nevermind, I see you joined. Friend me so you can get that part of the tutorial done. Im in the 2200s in rank find me. Hatter is slightly above you.

Mast, you should join.

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