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BOHR: Best of Halo: Reach

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Halo: Reach expanded on Halo 3's sandbox in revolutionary ways. We were given Forge World: An expansive, open world environment which offered us seemingly limitless environments. New tools were invented, and Forgers took full advantage of them. Hundreds of thousands of maps have been created in Halo: Reach. A large number of those have been racetracks. We honored the best racetracks ever made during the closing of Halo 3. Now, Reach is coming to an end as the premiere Halo title and it is time to honor what was made once again. However, this year we are not only honoring the best racetracks made in Halo: Reach, but the best racer in Reach as well. Racers will go head-to-head, toe-to-toe against all others to earn the title of best racer in Halo: Reach. Forgers must prove that their racetracks have not only innovated, but inspired. The title of BOHR winner is held above all others. It is now your turn to decide who receives that honor.

How BOHR Works

Best of Halo: Reach is a voting and racing competition to determine the best racetracks and racers in Halo: Reach. Racetracks are nominated by HaloTracks members for different categories. Categories include best tracks of a specific type and the best overall track, which is determined as the best racetrack in Reach. At the end of the nomination period, the voting begins in which HaloTracks members have the only stake in. The maps with the most votes, wins the category.

Unlike Best of Halo 3, HaloTracks is playing host to a large 1v1 tournament to find out who the best racer is in Halo: Reach. The tournament is a single elimination bracket, one racetrack per match and match ups for the first round are completely random. What types of racetracks and how much are race is dependent on the amount of attending racers, however, the final round consists of racing one of each category selected for the map voting portion of BOHR. The last racer standing, wins the tournament.


Best Overall: One copy of Halo 4 (Standard), Map Featured, Distinguished title, interview in upcoming HT Podcast, and 2000 HT Points*. Map Pinned in BOH Gallery

Best Racer: One copy of Halo 4 (Standard), Map Featured, Distinguished title, interview in upcoming HT Podcast, and 2000 HT Points*

Category Winner: 1000 HT Points* and Distinguished Title. Map in BOH Gallery.

Spot prizes for people that nominate and vote: TBA

*upon new store arrival

Rules for Maps

  • You cannot nominate or vote for your own track.
  • You may only nominate racetracks and your nominated track must be Forged in Halo: Reach.
  • Though preferred, tracks do not have to be posted on HaloTracks or come from HaloTracks Map Makers.
  • You can only nominate 1 racetrack per category.
  • You cannot nominate a track that has already been nominated. You can vote for it later when the voting starts.
  • Some tracks may be nominated for multiple categories. E.g. A rollercoaster track with good aesthetics and an epic stunt.
  • Creating duplicate accounts for voting will result in a ban for both your accounts as well as cancellation of those votes.
  • Do not advertise your map in order to win this contest. Please be considerate and respectable.
  • Nominations for the Best Map Maker category may only consist of current HaloTracks Map Makers.
  • You must supply a download link to maps you nominate.
  • If you cannot find a download link then upload the map to your file share.

Rules for Racing

  • Only registered HaloTracks members may partake in the 1v1 tournament.
  • All races are hosted by appointed HaloTracks Tournament Hosts. You cannot host your own race.
  • You will not get a second chance to race after being defeated. Single elimination.
  • Dirty racing can and will yield penalties. Examples of dirty racing are cheating the track, stopping in front of your opponent, going backwards, etc.
  • All other standard HaloTracks tournament rules apply.
    A more comprehensive, complete set of rules will be posted in the tournament topic.


General Track - Tracks that have a little bit of everything, and don't fit into the other categories.

Motocross Track - Supercross tracks consist of tight, banked turns, rhythm sections, and other various jumps around the track. Nationals tracks fall under this category.

Terrain Tracks - Racetracks that solely utilize a maps geography to form a racing surface. Bridges are acceptable, however, sky track portions (hybrid tracks) are not.

Aesthetic Tracks - Tracks that focus on visual appeal and generally have a scenic theme.

Stunt Track - Tracks that have some sort of stunt in them, such as a backflip, a barrel roll or any other stunt.

Battle Track - Tracks that are compatible with the Battle Tracks game variants.

Hardcore Track - Racetracks designed to kill or slow down the driver. Challenge tracks will also fit into this category.

City Tracks - Tracks designed to encompass racing in an urban environment. Collisions

Rollercoaster Track - Fast, narrow tracks designed to feel like a thrill ride.

Mayhem Track - Tracks designed for crashing into other racers. Demo and Roller Derby tracks fall into this category.

Rocket Race/Rally Track - Racetracks designed to accompany teams of Mongoose or Warthog drivers, with every team competing to reach the alternating checkpoints at the same time. Savage tracks fall under this category.

Best DLC Track - Any racetrack made in the Halo: Reach downloadable content packs.

Map Maker- HaloTracks Map Maker that consistently turns in well above average racetracks.

*Best Overall Track*- Not constrained to any specific category, this racetrack is considered the best racetrack ever forged in Halo: Reach.

Nomination Format

If you want to nominate a track, here is the format to do it in. You do not have to nominate a track in every category, only the ones you want. The map link can be to the gallery post, or the link.

Best General Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Motocross Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Terrain Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Aesthetic Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Stunt Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Battle Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Hardcore Track  - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best City Tracks - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Rollercoaster Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Mayhem Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best Rocket Race/Rally Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*
Best DLC Track - [url= to map]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*

Best Map Maker - [url= to map maker's profile]*Person's name*[/url]

Best Overall Track - [url= to map]]*Map name*[/url] by *map maker*


Nominations End: 10/23/12

Voting Begins: 10/25/12

Voting Ends: 11/3/12

Tournament Begins: 11/3/12 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

If you have any questions, please feel free to send myself or an Admin a PM. Please only post your nominations in this topic.

Nominated Tracks

Map Name / Mapmaker / Nominated By

General Track

Frigid Trails / Boyd Da Milkman / @CoookkieMonster

Backlash / Rohg /

Peak Crossover Race / Spencermx14 /

Accelerator / GOTCHA XD (blademonkey) / @Masta Hippie

Cobalt Circuit / The Fuglystick / @FRENCH FRY 2222

Motocross Track

Alpinestar SX / v Ionized / @CoookkieMonster

Overlook SX / purpledinosaur0 /

Blackwater MX / v Ionized /

Tacenda MX / blh728 /

Hiighpoint MX / purpledinosaur0 /

Merkaba / Jeffh3962 / @Masta Hippie

Terrain Track

Borderland / Das TeknoViking / @CoookkieMonster

Caverns / purpledinosaur0 /

Fahrenheit / SOT Em0 Sk8ter /

Gold Trails / Goldman 010 / @Ionized

Atomic Factory / Funky Payps / @Masta Hippie

Caddy Shack / CoookkieMonster; Boyd Da Milkman / @FRENCH FRY 2222

Forerunner Island / Trabbedoor / @RLD HotTamale

Aesthetic Track

Mario Kart: Daisy Cruiser / Ducain23 / @CoookkieMonster

Rainbow Road / Masta Hippie and v Ionized /

Noble Park by The Fuglystick /

Excelsior! / DIEabolical D; Smm2010; l PVT Partz l / @Masta Hippie

Neon Streets / Goldman 010 / @FRENCH FRY 2222

Battle for Hoth RaceTrack / Ducain23 / @RLD HotTamale

Stunt Track

Thunder Barrel / GOTCHA XD (blade monkey751) / @CoookkieMonster

Water Cyclone / Gotcha XD /

Demonic Insanity / KSI Milk Man / @Masta Hippie

Pipedream / The Fuglystick / @FRENCH FRY 2222

Battle Track

Twine / yugnoswam / @CoookkieMonster

Sapphire Falls / smm2010 /

Fuel / v Ionized /

11th Dimension / smm2010 / @Masta Hippie

Yoshi's Circuit / Ducain23 / @RLD HotTamale

Hardcore Track

Painkiller Bridge HC /SMM2010 / @CoookkieMonster

*Masta Challenge 3D* / Masta Hippie; purpledinosaur0 /

Black Diamond HC / Taxxman24 / @Masta Hippie

City Track

HFR Downtown Drift / HFR Founder (iForger) and crispychicken49 / @CoookkieMonster

Collateral City / Masta Hippie /

Golden Metropolis / Goldman 010 / @Ionized

AYM City / AYMxFaMaSiitY (FRENCH FRY 2222) / @Masta Hippie

Boulevard / CoookkieMonster / @RLD HotTamale

Rollercoaster Track

Jaw Dropper / RLD HotTamale / @CoookkieMonster

Double Trouble / Very Sneaky Sir / @Ionized

The Nautilus / KSI Milk Man / @Masta Hippie

Jelly / Cant Stop Donut / @RLD HotTamale

Mayhem Track

Despluncaphobia / AwakeHappyshark / @CoookkieMonster

Clusterfun / purpledinosaur0 /

Turbo / purpledinosaur0 /

Rats Nest Demo / purpledinosaur0 / @Ionized

Hex / ShortKidPena / @Masta Hippie

Rocket Race/Rally Track

Galaxy / Galaxy by DIEabolical D and xSOGx Grim / @CoookkieMonster

Tic Tac Death / The 2 Armed Guy / @Ionized

Moving Target / The 2 Armed Guy / @Masta Hippie

DLC Track

Noble Park/ The FuglyStick / @CoookkieMonster

Neumonic / v Ionized /

Asimov Beach / Jeffh3962 /

Recreant / chungwii / @Ionized

Epicosity / RLD HotTamale / @Masta Hippie

Best Map Maker

@Ionized / @CoookkieMonster

@Masta Hippie /

@smm2010 /


/ @Masta Hippie

@The Fuglystick / @FRENCH FRY 2222

@CoookkieMonster / @RLD HotTamale

Overall Track

Alpinestar SX / v Ionized / @CoookkieMonster

Overlook SX / purpledinosaur0 /

Thunder Barrel / Gotcha XD /

Origin of Symmetry / The Fuglystick / @FRENCH FRY 2222

Despluncaphobia / AwakeHappyShark / @RLD HotTamale

Tridanator / Noble Forger / @Masta Hippie

An advertisement trailer will be released Tuesday, 10/16/12. As HaloTracks members/affiliates, you receive benefit of first knowledge of this contest.

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Best General Track-!/?section=MapVariants&fileset=Tracks Frigid Trails by Boyd Da Milkman

Best MotorCross Track- AlpineStar SX by v Ionized

Best Terrain Track- Borderland by Das TeknoViking

Best Aesthetic Track-!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=11014363 Mario Cart: Daisy Cruiser by Ducain23

Best Stunt Track-!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=13699492 Thunder Barrel by GOTCHA XD (blade monkey751)

Best Battle Track- Twine by yugnoswam

Best Hardcore Track- Painkiller Bridge HC by SMM2010

Best City Track- HFR Downtown Drift by HFR Founder (iForger) and crispychicken49

Best RollerCoaster Track-!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=16896686 Jaw Dropper by RLD HotTamale

Best Mayhem Track- Despluncaphobia by AwakeHappyshark

Best Rocket Race/Rally Map- Galaxy by DIEabolical D and xSOGx Grim

Best DLC Track-!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=12584888 Noble Park by The FuglyStick

Best Map Maker- v Ionized

Best Overall Track- AlpineStar SX by v Ionized

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For record purposes:

Best General Track - Backlash / Rohg

Best Motocross Track - Overlook SX / purpledinosaur0

Best Terrain Track - Caverns / purpledinosaur0

Best Stunt Track - Water Cyclone / Gotcha XD

Best Battle Track - Sapphire Falls / smm2010

Best Hardcore Track - *Masta Challenge 3D* / Masta Hippie

Best City Tracks - Collateral City / Masta Hippie

Best Mayhem Track - Clusterfun / purpledinosaur0

Best DLC Track - Neumonic / v Ionized

Best Map Maker - @Masta Hippie

Best Overall Track - Overlook SX / purpledinosaur0

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Best General Track - Peak Crossover Race by Spencer MX

Best Motocross Track - Blackwater MX by v Ionized

Best Terrain Track - Fahrenheit by SOT Em0 Sk8ter

Best Aesthetic Track - Noble Park by The Fuglystick

Best Battle Track - idk

Best Hardcore Track - idk

Best City Tracks - idk

Best Rollercoaster Track - idk

Best Mayhem Track -idk

Best Rocket Race/Rally Track - idk

Best DLC Track - Asimov Beach by Jeffh3962

Best Map Maker - smm2010

Best Overall Track - Thunder Barrel by Gotcha XD

Lol, Reach basically sucked.

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Best General Track - Accelerator by GOTCHA XD (blademonkey)

Best Motocross Track - Merkaba by Jeffh3962

Best Terrain Track - Atomic Factory by Funky Payps

Best Aesthetic Track - Excelsior! by DIEabolical D, Smm2010 & l PVT Partz l (although the aesthetics are by DIEabolical D :p)

Best Stunt Track - Demonic Insanity by KSI Milk Man

Best Battle Track - 11th Dimension by Smm2010

Best Hardcore Track - Black Diamond HC by Taxxman24

Best City Tracks - AYM City by AYMxFaMaSiitY (FRENCH FRY 2222)

Best Rollercoaster Track - Jaw Dropper by RLD HotTamale

Best Mayhem Track - Hex by ShortKidPena

Best Rocket Race/Rally Track - Moving Target by The 2 Armed Guy

Best DLC Track - Epicosity by RLD HotTamale

Best Map Maker -

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Best General Track: Cobalt Circuit The Fuglystick

Best Terrain Track: Caddy Shack CoookkieMonster

Best Aesthetics Track: Neon Streets Goldman 010

Best Stunt Track: Pipedream The Fuglystick

Best Map Maker: The Fuglystick

Best Overall Track: Origin of Symmetry The Fuglystick

Sorry if my links don't work, it was the first time i've used waypoint instead of B-net.

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