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Terrain Track Tutorial

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- First Up: Use Masta's tutorial and gametype for the racing archetype.

- Terrain maps are accessible to all forgers, but do require skill to make them great.

- Terrain maps are associated with competitive races and tournaments, however if you want to go in the other direction that's fine, I've seen terrain maps with crazy jumps and stunts.

- Terrain maps can be quick to make, mainly because there is very little monotonous or tedious forging.

- There aren't really any forging conventions in Terrain tracks, but I will post some forger tips from the community below.

- You have to make sure there are 16+ mongooses on your track, do this by placing ghosts, which are turned into mongooses by the gametype.


- Bordering is the main focus of actually forging on Terrain maps. I tend to plan the map by racing round it a few times, then border it accordingly, allowing for the racing line and many racers.

- Try not to border too narrow, it's the racers job to find the quickest route around your track. I tend to use bordering only to clearly show the direction of the track, to alter terrain, create new corners and to stop cheating.

- Wherever possible try to link up your bordering, make it consistant and aesthetically pleasing.

- Use Kill zones to make your racetrack uncheatable, it -is- essential.

- Place kill zones behind your bordering -never- in front. Never have so a racer can drive in to a kill zones, without clearly having to circumnavigate some bordering

- The useful objects to use are as follows:

> The "Dominion" objects are the most useful, with base shield, vechile pads etc... Note that the shield doors are breakable, which is great for starting gates, but means you must have 0% damage on. Also "Dominion" objects are only available on the largest maps. Lastly I need to check whether you can activate the turret/vehicle pads in races.

> The "Scenery" objects are useful, but tend to be small and small in numbers. However, occasionally large objects are included, for example in the crates section on Complex, the Door object on Vortex or the Wall object on Longbow. Palettes are useful for altering the terrain as they tend to be the flatest object available.

> The "Objectives" tab has a few hidden gems. Firstly flag stands are solid to both players and vehicles, whilst capture plates only solid to the former. Second are the extraction boxes, you get about 50 and, although small, they are useful. Furthermore they are destroyable, and hence can be used for starting gates if dominion objects aren't available.

> The "Gadgets" tab is a smörgåsbord of useful items. The 6 shield doors are normally needed for the koth gate. The mancannons have their obvious purpose, they can be used for bordering, but you can 'stick' to the botom of them. Tin cups are invaluable as they are thin, large and blend reasonably well with the ground, so are useful for bordering where the track comes close to itself and for terain alteration. Teleporters have their obvious uses, for stopping cheaters, but can be used as visual barriers in a pinch. Explosives to have an obvious use, I tend to only use them for the starting gate (FYI it only takes one fusion coil to destoy base shields and extraction crates), but with 0% damage on fusion coils do make good borders.

> The "Spawning" tab contains the kill zones, which are normally essential to making the race uncheatable. There aren't really enough safe zones for them to be useful.

> As a last resort you can use weapons to border (which I had to do on Complex for example).


- Layout is -the- most important part of your Terrain map.

- You need corners to overtake on, skilful section to catch up to lower skilled racers on, and fast sections to fell the wind in your hair.

- Plan your layouts! This is very important. Race around the map looking for good corners, straights, hairpins, chicanes. Enhance the race with corners of your own if necessary.

- If there is a bad bump in the road, or unwanted water, use forge pieces to cover it.

- You can use this thread, so make the layout pictures I have in my thread, and also to plan your races.

Hints and Tips


- Don't use mancannons, shield doors or base shield as part of the -racing line- of your map (except for the lap counter).

- The map has to flow, if you find that your mongoose is bogging down in a section of your map, change it.

- More to come.

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