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New One from Breakbot/Irfane, “Man Without Shadow,” from debut album Still Waters

Anyone hear it? It's funking good

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Dude, listening to that shit as we speak. So good man.

2 + 2 = 5. Unnggggg

Sit Down. Stand Up. Ungggggggghh.

Sail to the Moon. Hrnnnggggg

I Will. Hrrrrrrrr

Wolf at the Door. Derrrrrrrrr

Underrated album.

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Anyone listen to The Mars Volta? De-loused is an absolute masterpiece. It's frenetic, heavy, experimental, and just insane some times, but it's one hell of a journey.

Also Cassandra Gemini, which feels like a 30 minute trip through drug induced psychosis.

Also Dream Theater's new 2 hour long prog rock opera. I haven't quite reached a point of appreciation for it yet because there is a lot to digest here, but it definitely feels like it will grow on me Looking forward to seeing this performed live in its entirety at Radio City Music Hall in April. Managed to snag 3rd row tickets.


And finally Snarky Puppy. I might have posted one of these before, but in honor of them winning best contemporary instrumental album for Sylva last night, go watch and listen to this. The musicianship and communication between all of these guys, as well as the production quality of an entirely live performance that sounds better and more pure than most studio albums is absolutely worth a listen.

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