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(S5) Race 1: Outbreak SX

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Anguish is the new game for HT Supercross. This new era of Supercross will test your mind's mettle. Victory may be your biggest desire, but you will hear a deafening roar... The roar of every other racer around you wanting the same thing you want. This new season brings new challenges, new rivalries and new opportunities to attain glory. Perhaps you have what it takes to tackle the best of the best. Perhaps you will just be a small dent in the way of others' success. Your actions will dictate your racing prowess and your threat level towards other racers. I hope you're ready for this...

Season 5, has begun.


Season 5, Race 1 provided the action that HT Supercross is known for. Even with a slightly new format and way of doing races, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and there was no major complaining at all. Rookie HTSX racer, @Jake Bobius, gets the first win of the HT Supercross season and earns the HT Holeshot Award to go along with it! struggled from a bad starting position to work his way up into the top 3. Second place was in the bag; however, a miscalculation on a difficult turn on the last lap caused another rookie to HT Supercross, @UnknownRacing32, to pass him up on the very last lap to earn that second pace spot. Jeff would settle for third with @xUnknownGamingx and rounding out the race's top 5.

This season has only begun. There is no telling what is in store for all of the racers for the next 16 races. The only certainty is that only one racer can be crowned champion and dethrone Jeffh3962. This season pits mind against mind and 'Goose against 'Goose. Congratulations to Jake Bobius for winning the race!

1.) @Jake Bobius - 14

2.) @UnknownRacing32 - 13

3.) - 11

4.) @xUnknownGamingx - 11

5.) - 10

6.) @MtnDewX97 - 9

7.) - 9

8.) @King Edward I - 7

9.) - 6

10.) - 5

11.) @Kiddioo - 4

12.) - 3

13.) @SDTxPappys r us - 1

14.) @EoE Oh SNAP - 2


@Yugnoswam loss of safety

@Tripmine413 loss of safety

@CoookkieMonster loss of safety


Major Intentional Wreck

Offender: Pappys

Victim: EoE

Minor Intentional Wreck

Offender: Jeffh3962

Victim: Purpledinosaur0


Outbreak SX by Purpledinosaur0


To download, search for the track maker's gamertag on Halo 4 using the File Browser.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST

Race will commence at the designated time. The race lobby opens 10 minutes prior. Being late equals missing the race.


These rules apply during all series races:

    -No intentional wrecking. If someone accuses someone, we will review it.
    -Any major annoyances such as going backwards will result in a DNF for that person without warning.
    -No whining or having meltdowns. Handle all problems maturely.
    -No excessive yelling. Loud racers can and will have their right to race revoked.
    -What the Race Host says, goes. Do not argue with a Race Host.
    -Go on the Gate Drop, there is no rolling or jumping over the gate at any time. Doing so will result in -1 points for that race and another -2 on your Series Total.
    -HT Supercross has a Blue Flag flag rule. This means that if a racer is being lapped, he must pull over and let the leaders pass. However, if the leader does not call a Blue Flag, then the lapped rider does not have to pull over.
    -Intentionally wrecking other racers, again, is not allowed. Type of wrecking are listed below:
    • Minor Intentional Wreck: Ruled by when a rider causes another rider to flip, however no major loss in position occurs. This results in a -1 for the causing rider and a +1 for the wrecked rider.
    • Major Intentional Wreck: Ruled by when a rider flips another rider, however a major loss in position occurs. This results in a -2 for the causing rider and a +2 for the wrecked rider.
    • The only exception for wrecking is when a Blue Flagged rider is not pulling over. However, the rider that is lapping the other must be completely sure that both parties understood that one was being lapped. Wrecked Blue Flagged riders will still go under review, however in a separate way.

    -If you feel you were the victim of a wreck, send the Race Host a message after the race containing the number of checkpoints the leader had and who it was that wrecked you. Sending us a message will give you the certainty that we've seen and considered your complaint.

Racing End Rules

-The Race Host will tell you when to stop. When he does, you will comply or you will be removed.

-Line up behind the racer who finished before you.

-If you are not complying when a Race Host is asking you to remain in your spot (getting off, jumping, shooting, etc), then the Race Host may resort to the removal of the disorderly racer.

Read Fulls Rules Here

AMA Formatted Race


1.) Elite Racer

2.) Pro Racer

3.) @Yugnoswam Pro Racer

4.) @Tripmine413 Racer

5.) Racer

6.) @King Edward I Pro Racer

7.) @Masta Hippie Racer

8.) @EoE Oh SNAP Racer

9.) @Jake Bobius Racer

10.) @MtnDewX97 Racer

11.) Pro Racer

12.) @Kiddioo Racer

13.) @xUnknownGamingx Racer

13.) @UnknownRacing32 Racer

14.) Racer

15.) @SDTxPappys r us Pro Racer

16.) @CoookkieMonster Racer

17.) Racer

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<source src="http://www.halotracks.org/jeffh3962/18%20-%20Heretic.mp3" type="audio/mp3"/>


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3 PM EST?!?! I love you Jeff!!! Sign me up! Also, I think the rules may still be for the Reach racing, you may want to edit them for the end of the race.

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