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Official Halo 4 DRL Europe Tournament #5

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*In order to enter these tournaments, you must be a member of the squad HT Dirty Racing League, which everyone is welcome to sign up for at anytime here*

Welcome to the fifth Europe DRL tournament! Anyone from around the world can patricipate, but they are just convenient times for us Europeans. These tournament are competitive, position matters, and winners are rewarded, however we are a bit different from other racing leagues and squads. The DRL encourages crashing and shoving and wrecking and trolling. It makes races more interesting and fun, and can cause the lead to change rapidly. We only race on maps that are competitive, with good spots to wreck others and areas where players can easily mess up. All DRL members are welcome to sign up for these tournaments.

Every Friday at 3.00 P.M. Standard U.S. Eastern Time, the tournaments will begin! Each will consist of 6 maps, with laps amounts varying depending on track length (usually 10 laps works best for most maps). So sign up and be prepared for some weekly amazement!.

Date and Time (Please arrive at least 5 minutes early):

- Date: Friday 11th January

- Eastern – 3.00 pm

- Central – 2.00 pm

- Mountain – 1.00 pm

- Pacific – 12.00 pm (Noon)

- UK – 8.00 pm

Sign Up By Commenting Below! (And please add llehctim4 on Xbox live so you can be invited easily)

These are the official rules for the DRL and for it's tournaments. These tournaments will consist of 10 racers on 6 tracks, and because this racing league isn't extremely competitive or serious, we will always have fun.

Tournament Rules:

On The Track:

- No breaking starting or starting gate rules.

- No going backwards on a track, unless it requires you to go in both directions in which case collisions are encouraged.

- No getting off of your mongoose, ever. If you are stuck or flipped by accident, get back onto your mongoose as quickly as possible.

- No using grenades, shooting, or smacking cars if you happen to fall off.

- No cheating; if it is possible to cheat the track, in any way, do not. If someone pushes you onto a further part of the track, you are in luck and may procede ahead of the others.

- Pushing, shoving, break-checking, tail-whipping, crashing, sandwiching, and any other form of destroying your opponents is allowed and encouraged.

- You may team up with another racer or two at a point; however, if it gets out of hand those involved will get an infraction, and if the tournament host feels it necessary, he may boot you at any point.

- After you finish the race, you must lineup a short distance after the finish line, to the side of the track. This will help the tournament host tell the order in which the racers finished.

On The Mic:

- CoookkieMonster always has the right to sing. any song, any pitch, any way. He won't get out of control, however.

- No whining or complaining about anything; if someone breaks one of the above rules, contact the host in a mature manner either during or after the race, and he will review it. be mature, guy!

- Always listen to the tournament host, do what he asks, and don't argue with him or ask stupid/immature questions.

- Have fun, and if in great perrill feel free to yell. However, don't yell to much, be too loud, or be too annoying or the host has every right to boot you.

- Be respectful: trash talk for fun and mainly as a joke, but rude comments, serious insults, or other acts of rudeness are not tolerated or allowed.

Tournament Hosts:

- Tourney hosts make all the calls on the times you wait at the start of each race, and follow those rules.

- Tourney hosts must choose 6 maps, however they select the amount of laps for each map (will vary on map length). we want these too be long enough that they're worth joining, but not too long.

- Tourney hosts are responsible for getting 10 racers in each race, and no more (any more would be too chaotic/laggy). Be sure to allow 10 slots in the backup roster to ensure a full tournament.

- Tourney hosts must review all races in theater before determining winners and posting results.

- Tourney hosts are responsible for relaying the results to CoookkieMonster so he reward winners HT and DRL points.

- Tourney hosts also have the right to give any sort of prizes for their tourneys, but hosts, I ask this: host fairly, be generous, and make your racers have fun!


- Have fun, be respectful, and be prepared for some of the most fun and intense racing on HT!


First Offense: Warning.

Second Offense: Loss of five points.

Third Offense: Booted from tournament.

*Keep in mind, hosts and racers, accidents happen: don't go around calling infractions left and right.*

Scoring System:

1st- 16

2nd- 15

3rd- 14

4th- 13

5th- 12

6th- 11

7th- 10

8th- 9

9th- 8

10th- 7

*If there is a tie, the clip will be reviewed in theater. If it is too close to decide, both players will get the same score (if it was a tie for second, both players would get 15 points and the person behind them would be in fourth and get 13 points.)


1. 25

2. 20

3. 15

4. 10

5. 5

6. 5

7. 5

8. 5

9. 5

10. 5

(All in terms of HT Points)


1. llehctim4 (Host)

2. Kiddioo

3. lukeywood08

4. Xx Jonocide xX

5. Orionhardy84

6. KillerBane VII

7. WhiskeyWarm

8. Bean05

9. Jake Bobius

10. gogetarulez

Backup Roster:

1. CoookkieMonster

2. Lord Fluffball

3. Possante

4. Tripmine413







Official Map List: (All 10 laps unless otherwise stated)

Complexity by OrionHardy84

Enchiladas? by Bean05 and Possante

Relentless December by CoookkieMonster

Exodus by WhiskeyWarm

Journey by NukedlceCream ("l" is a lowercase "L")

Piped by WastedDuckling9

Have fun!!!

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Sign me up.

Also I think you may have got the thread title wrong, didn't we just do the 4 Euro tournament yesterday? Lack of date doesn't help either.

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