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Racers City 2

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Creator: @Lord FluffBall

Track Name: Racers City 2

Map Name: Erosion

Supported Gametypes: RACETRACKS

Description: This is the first Staff selected map feature, and being Lord FluffBall's second map feature, he is now distinguished! This is an amazing city racetrack made on Erosion, and is one of the first and only city racetracks on Halo 4 (second only to his first city track, Racers City). This track features a triple level city, with a variety of buildings. The aesthetics on the track are outstanding, and consist of a car, a swing set, an airplane, a tractor trailer truck, subway benches, and a moving train!

Download Link: Click Here





What inspired your creation?

What inspired Racers City 2 was the challenge of making city tracks in halo. Also the challenge of making a map more detailed then my Racers City "1".

About how long did it take you to create?

This map took about 2 hours over the course of 2 and a half days.

What aspect took the longest to get right?

What aspect took the longest was the moving train and the subway in general. it was tricky to make it go down under the city and go back up and was hard to get a lot of detail into the subway area.

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This track definitely deserves the feature. The aesthetics are extremely well done, and the track itself is very solid.

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