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DRL Superlative Championship #1

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Official Halo 4 DRL Superlative Championship #1


*In order to enter these tournaments, you must be a member of the squad HT Dirty Racing League, which everyone is welcome to sign up for at anytime here.*


Welcome HaloTracks, to the first ever DRL Superlative Championship! This championship will consist of 8 total DRL tournaments.

Round 1: 5 tournaments each consisting of 10 racers will occur. The top 4 of each tournament will move on to round 2, which is the semi finals. The bottom 6 will be eliminated.

Round 2: 2 tournaments each consisting of 10 racers will occur. The top 5 of each tournament will move on to round 3, which is the finals. The bottom 5 will be eliminated.

Round 3: 1 tournament consisting of the top 10 racers will occur. These 10 racers will be credited with the top 10 spots (only spots recorded), and the top 3 will be rewarded.

Signups: Signups will remain until the day before round 1. All signups will be randomly assigned a roster. As you sign up, I will pick a "1, 2, 3, 4, or 5" out of a hat. Whichever number I pick, that's what roster you will be added to. If I roster is full, then I will pick until I get a number of a roster that isn't full. Maps will be chosen in a similar way.

Map Lists: Round 1 will have very well known, popular DRL tracks. Round 2 will have less well known but very successfully working DRL tracks. Round 3 will have brand new track, untested in the DRL before. These maps will be chosen wisely after testing, but will show true skill to racers, for they can't have had much experience racing on them. 30 maps will be chosen for round 1, 12 for round 2, and 6 for round 3. For the first two rounds, the maps will be chosen out of a hat as to which roster they will be assigned to.

Tournaments: Each tournament will be counted as a real tournament and he stats and points will be added to the leaderboards and members lists. Any new ranks earned will be earned as well. I will be hosting as many of them as I can, however I will only be racing in one of the round 1 tournaments (and hopefully a round 2 and the round 3 tournaments.) Each tournament will have a results topic following it so we can see how well we do.

Results: The result topic of the final tournament will be regarded as the results of the championship. Only places 1-10 (out of 50) will be earned specifically, and thus the places earned in the final tournament are the places of the top 10 racers.

Dates and TImes: (All will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 10th, 11th, and 12th)

Round 1, Tournament 1: 3:00 PM US Eastern Time (Reserved For Europeans)- Friday, May 10th

Round 1, Tournament 2: 7:00 PM US Eastern Time (Reserved For Europeans)- Friday, May 10th

Round 1, Tournament 3: 7:00 PM US Eastern Time- Friday, May 10th

Round 1, Tournament 4: 7:00 PM US Eastern Time- Friday, May 10th

Round 2, Tournament 1: 4:00 PM US Eastern Time (In respect of HTSX)- Saturday, May 11th

Round 2, Tournament 2: 4:00 PM US Eastern Time (In respect of HTSX)- Saturday, May 11th

Round 3, Tournament 1: 3:00 PM US Eastern Time (Late on a school night for Europeans)- Sunday, May 12th

Map Rosters:

Round 1, Tournament 1:

Toxious SX By: GOLDLINER 49NER- 10 Laps

Whisper By: CoookkieMonster- 10 Laps

Watermelon Squeeze By: Anopisthograph- 12 Laps

Piped By: WastedDuckling9- 15 Laps

Wongatti MX By: XreignZ- 12 Laps

Floc By: NukedlceCream- 10 Laps

Round 1, Tournament 2:

Congo By: WhiskeyWarm- 10 Laps

Reaper SX By: XreignZ- 10 Laps

Refuge By: NukedlceCream- 12 Laps

Assault By: Bean05- 10 Laps

Crazqwert By: Bean05- 15 Laps

Marigold MX By: XreignZ- 10 Laps

Round 1, Tournament 3:

Complex Crescent By: gogetarulez and Lord FluffBall- 10 Laps

Gromulen SX By: XreignZ- 10 Laps

Scrape By: Bean05- 12 Laps

Relentless December By: CoookkieMonster- 10 Laps

Scrapyard SX By: XreignZ and YouxxGotxxOwned- 12 Laps

Funky Factory By: Masta Hippie- 10 Laps

Round 1, Tournament 4:

Lacklustre By: WhiskeyWarm- 10 Laps

Filthy Park SX By: XreignZ- 10 Laps

Verge By: WhiskeyWarm- 10 Laps

Hectic Hell By: NukedlceCream- 15 Laps

Venator SX By: XreignZ- 10 Laps

Duckling's Castle By: WastedDuckling9- 15 Laps

Round 2, Tournament 1:

Velvet Trails By: Lord FluffBall- 15 Laps (In gogetarulez's fileshare)

Filthy Park SX By: XreignZ- 10 Laps

Jotunheim By: Jeffh3962- 10 Laps

Funky Factory By: Masta Hippie- 10 Laps

Chrysolite SX By: King Edward I- 10 Laps (RACETRACKS compatible version is not downloadable)

Sorbet By: Possante- 10 Laps

Round 2, Tournament 2:

Winding River By: CoookkieMonster- 10 Laps (Be sure you download the newer version in my fileshare)

Cataclysm By: NukedlceCream- 12 Laps

Peppergoose SX By: XreignZ- 10 Laps

Longdow By: Bean05- 10 Laps

Crazqwert By: Bean05- 15 Laps

AMA Houston SX By: vR Iceman- 10 Laps

Round 3, Tournament 1:

Botanical Gardens SX By: XreignZ- 12 Laps

Remedial By: WhiskeyWarm- 10 Laps

Rehise By: WastedDuckling9- 10 Laps

Mackabee By: romansoldier35- 12 Laps

Ragnaroc By: Bean05- 10 Laps

DRL Palace By: CoookkieMonster- 10 Laps

Tournament Rules

On The Track:

- No going early during the start of the race. You must go when you hear the fast, and one syllable "DRL!"

- No going backwards on a track, unless it requires you to go in both directions in which case collisions are encouraged.

- No getting off of your mongoose; ever. If you are stuck or flipped by accident, get back onto your mongoose as quickly as possible.

- No using grenades, shooting, or smacking cars if you happen to fall off.

- No cheating; if it is possible to cheat the track, in any way, do not. If someone pushes you onto a further part of the track, you are in luck and may proceed ahead of the others. If you get pushed to a previous part of the track, you are in no luck, and must proceed. This doesn't apply to Motocross tracks, or any other track with sections right next to each other with no bordering separating them.

- If you get stuck or die, get a new mongoose, wait for the racer who was in front of you to pass, and proceed when you are behind him the distance you were before.

- If you get black screen or bad lag, simply pull off the track or get to the start, and apply the rule for dying or getting stuck.

- Pushing, shoving, break-checking, tail-whipping, crashing, sandwiching, and any other form of destroying your opponents is allowed and encouraged.

- You may team up with another racer(s) for a short period of time, but long lasting alliances will not be tolerated, including alliances to not wreck each other, and alliances to wreck a third party.

- After you finish the race, you must lineup a short distance after the finish line, to the side of the track. This will help the tournament host tell the order in which the racers finished.

-No slowing down or wrecking yourself intentionally to let others catch you in order to interfere with those racers.

-No stopping on the track and rejoining the race (unless temporarily, for a legitimate reason, with prior warning to the host.) When rejoining, do so when and where you are supposed to be.

On The Mic:

- CoookkieMonster always has the right to sing. any song, any pitch, any way. He won't get out of control, however.

- No whining or complaining about anything; if someone breaks one of the above rules, contact the host in a mature manner either during or after the race, and he will review it. be mature, guys!

- Always listen to the tournament host, do what he asks, and don't argue with him or ask stupid/immature questions.

- Have fun, and if in great peril feel free to yell. However, don't yell to much, be too loud, or be too annoying or the host has every right to reprimand you.

- Be respectful: trash talk for fun and mainly as a joke, but rude comments, serious insults, or other acts of rudeness are not tolerated or allowed.

- Be quiet when the host in explaining the rules to new members, during the countdown, and if the someone needs the host during a race.

- You must be sure to talk over others if you get stuck, have lag, etc. to contact the host to ask him what to do. If in this situation, you have the right to interrupt anyone.

- Never insult the tracks we use or anything about them, especially if the creator is in the game.

Tournament Hosts:

- Tourney hosts make all the calls on the times you wait at the start of each race, and follow those rules.

- Tourney hosts must choose 6 maps, however they select the amount of laps for each map (based on the suggested amount). We want these too be long enough that they're worth joining, but not too long.

- Tourney hosts are responsible for getting 10 racers in each race, and no more (any more would be too chaotic/laggy). Be sure to allow 10 slots in the backup roster to ensure a full tournament.

- Tourney hosts must be mindful of second priority racers.

- Tourney hosts must review all questionable races in theater before determining winners and posting results.

- Tourney hosts are responsible for relaying the results to CoookkieMonster so he can update the members list and map database, and to Whiskey so he can update the leaderboard.

- Tourney hosts are responsible for posting the results, the new tournament, rewarding points, and informing Whiskey and I of results within a few days. Get the new tournament out very quickly to allow time for signups.


- Have fun, be respectful, and be prepared for some of the most fun and intense racing on HT!


First Offense: Warning.

Second Offense: Disqualified from race.

Third Offense: Disqualified and booted from tournament.

*Keep in mind, hosts and racers, accidents happen: don't go around calling infractions left and right.*

Cheating Policy: If someone is caught cheating a track intentionally, with full knowledge that he/she are cheating, then they will get a point total of 0 for that tournament which will be added to their leader-board rank. They will also be banned from tournaments for one week.

Rage Quit Policy: If someone immaturely rage quits because they are losing, then they will get 0 points for the race they lag out on and any future races, and it will go towards their leader-board rank. They will also be banned from tournaments for one week. If someone lags out or has to leave for a valid reason, so be it, but getting angry over a video game and rage quitting will not be tolerated.

Uncooperative Policy: If someone repeatedly break the rules, disrespect the host or other racers, or try to ruin the tournament for others, then they will be dealt with. Hosts hold the right to DQ (disqualify) them from races, or more drastically, from tournaments. If this happens after a warning and previous DQ, they will be banned for a week, and then a month, and then a year. So just be respectful and follow the rules.

Scoring System

1st- 16

2nd- 15

3rd- 14

4th- 13

5th- 12

6th- 11

7th- 10

8th- 9

9th- 8

10th- 7

*If there is a tie, the clip will be reviewed in theater. If it is too close to decide, both players will get the same score (if it was a tie for second, both players would get 15 points, and the person behind them would be in fourth and would get 13 points.)


Individual Tournaments

1. 25

2. 20

3. 15

4. 10

5. 5

6. 5

7. 5

8. 5

9. 5

10. 5

Dirtiest Racer. 10

(All in terms of HT Points)

Final Round Top Three (In addition to the individual tournament points)

1. 150

2. 100

3. 50

Roster #1

CoookkieMonster (Host)

1. Bean05

2. llehctim4

3. gogetarulez

4. OrionHardy84

5. DjV RazoR

6. Itz Nugget 095

7. DoM mOtIoNlEsS

8. Jeffh3962

9. romansoldier35


Roster #2

1. CoookkieMonster (Host and racer)

2. King Edward I

3. BxA Real Deal D

4. Jake Bobius

5. mpalencia1685

6. clipstreu

7. Tripmine413

8. fancy33

9. shank1289

10. Eric S 53

Roster #3

1. NukedlceCream (Host)

2. Kiddioo

3. FuzzyStormz

4. WhiskeyWarm

5. WastedDuckling9


7. turkeyshot98

8. Wolf 8499

9. Purpledinosaur0 (Might not make it)


Roster #4

1. Anopisthograph (Host)

2. TheOffice1808

3. ChillSquishster

4. D MAGE59663

5. What A Forger

6. neudlez

7. xdeath1ordx

8. x Revelation x

9. DarkLynx976


Round 2 Rosters

Tournament #1

1. CoookkieMonster (Host)

2. Bean05

3. gogetarulez

4. DjV RazoR

5. BxA Real Deal D

6. shank1289

7. Eric S 53

8. WhiskeyWarm

9. NukedlceCream


1. llehctim4

2. Vrai Scar (Fancy33 on his brother's account)

Tournament #2

OrionHardy84 (Host)

1. Jeffh3962

2. romansoldier35

3. King Edward I

4. Purpledinosaur0

5. TheOffice1808

6. DarkLynx976

7. xdeath1ordx

8. turkeyshot98

9. Jake Bobius


1. DoM mOtIoNlEsS


Round 3 Roster

Roster #1

1. CoookkieMonster (Host)

2. WhiskeyWarm

3. gogetarulez

4. NukedlceCream

5. Bean05

6. Jake Bobius

7. King Edward I

8. Jeffh3962

9. Darklynx976

10. TheOffice1808


1. CoookkieMonster

2. llehctim4

3. Bean05

4. King Edward I

5. NukedlceCream

6. BxA Real Deal D

7. Kiddioo

8. xNJD1x

9. gogetarulez

10. OrionHardy84

11. DoM mOtIoNlEsS

12. TheOffice1808

13. FuzzyStormz

14. Jeffh3962

15. Anopisthograph

16. ChillSquishster

17. DjV RazoR

18. WhiskeyWarm

19. Jake Bobius

20. mpalencia1685

21. clipstreu

22. D MAGE59663

23. WastedDuckling9

24. Itz Nugget 095


26. turkeyshot98

27. purpledinosaur0

28. What A Forger

29. neudlez

30. Tripmine413

31. xdeath1ordx

32. fancy33

33. Wolf 8499

34. x Revelation x

35. shank1289

36. romansoldier35

37. Eric S 53














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Do you know what time approximately these will be? Will you have US and Europe timed lobbies to accomodate the majority of people? This sounds like a great idea, and I'd love to participate if the times work out! ;D

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Do you know what time approximately these will be? Will you have US and Europe timed lobbies to accomodate the majority of people? This sounds like a great idea, and I'd love to participate if the times work out! ;D

We will have some at around 3 or 3:30 US EST, as they normally are, for Europeans, and some later in the day for North Americans. Thanks for being the first signup, you'll be added to a roster shortly!

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Sign me up for this cuhhhh, however unless I cannot do Friday no matter what unless it is after 6:30 p.m. eastern (earliest possible)

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