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HT Adrenaline

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HT Adrenaline

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, TannerJohnson23(or TJ) here to bring something that was suppose to be back at the end of the year, but I like to start early. This is HT Adrenaline, a squad that was created in 2009 by Revenge and Killer2448. The squad only lasted a couple of weeks and was soon sent to the archives. But late 2009, Deathlord and myself revived the squad and was at the top of the charts as one of the best HT Squads in 2010. Every since leaving HT, Adrenaline was a successful independent Nascar league. Now, I have decided to bring it back to where it was born.

Adrenaline's Mission:

Adrenaline's mission is to become a successful squad like it use to be back in 2010. Another part of it's mission is to find the drivers who are the best Halo racers out there. Not the best driver at types of racing like Supercross, Grand Prix, Nascar, or DRL. Not the best at Halo 3, Halo: Reach, or Halo 4. To be the best in HT Adrenaline, you got to prove your skills at everything. FFA Racing, Terrain, Sky, Hardcore, Demo, Battletracks, you name it.

How HT Adrenaline Works:

- Like I said about our mission, Adrenaline is a squad for every type of Halo Racing

- There will be 10 tournaments a season

- There will be two types of Champions. 1 by points, the other wins by Percentage.

- Races will be on Sundays @ 5ET

Rules in HT Adrenaline:

1. Must respect every member in the squad.

2. If you have a problem on or off the tracks that is involved in this squad. Please contact me.

3. You must go buy all the rules in every tournament

4. Cheating is forbidden, I will not have any cheaters in my squad

5. Have fun!!!

Positions in HT Adrenaline:

Founder: creator of the squad(TannerJohnson23)

Racer: What you are when you first join Adrenaline

+Elite Racer: One of the most consistent racers in the squad

*Pro Racer: One of the top drivers in Adrenaline. A driver who we usually see in the Top 3.

^Season Champion: Name says it all. Congrats, you are a Season Champion.

How To Earn a Position:

Racer - just join the squad

+Elite Racer - finish in the Top 3 five times.

*Pro Racer - Win 5 squad Tourneys.

^Season Champion - Win the Season Championship.

Sign Up Sheet

1. TannerJohnson23

2. NukedIceCream

3. Tripmine413

4. RealDealD

5. Kiddioo

6. DRG Icy Remix

7. llehctim4

8. Bean05

9. TheOffice1808

10. xdeathlordx

I need 10 sign up for Adrenaline to get it's forums back. Get ready to have some fun to see who is the best Halo Racing driver on Halotracks.

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