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Mrs StarStrukk

(S1) Race 5 - Assault

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Hello everyone and welcome to race 5 of the first season of HT All Terrain! We have talented racers and wrecking machines that are going to be here! Welcome to HT All Terrain!!


Assault (20 laps)

By: Bean05


October 9th, 2013

6:00PM EST

5:00PM CST

4:00PM MST

3:00PM PST

11:00PM BST (UK)

Please be on time. Being late equals missing the race.



*These rules apply during all events.*

- Wreck others to your heart's content. It is allowed an encouraged.

- Going backwards, and other major annoyances will result in a DQ for that person without warning.

- If there is a problem, please contact the Founder or current host in a mature manner with your issue.

- If a racer is about to lap someone, then both parties are allowed to attempt to wreck one another. However, you may not slow yourself down intentionally to interfere with a lapper. Doing so will result in a point deduction or DQ from the race.

- No derogatory language will be tolerated during a race. Inappropriate language will result in a point deduction and a DQ.

- DRG Icy Remix may play the original Pokemon theme song at any time.

- There is a line between being a troll, wrecking someone, and being a buttmunch. Please act maturely.

- If you are wrecked, knocked off of the track or have your race impeded in anyway, you must keep racing. Stopping to wait for the racer in front of you to pass you again does not grant you your previous position back and you will instead remain on the same lap that you waited on. If you were wrecked, too bad so sad.

All Terrain

1.) Race starts will be signaled by a timed event such as a countdown, explosion or starting gate.

2.) If a DQ takes place then all drivers below will move up one position in standings.

3.) Every driver finishes the race. Giving up gives you a DQ, and point deduction.

4.) When a driver finishes the race they must pull off the track and, make no attempt to interfere with the drivers still racing. Doing so will result in a DQ.

5.) Its one thing to try and cut inside of another driver on a corner and wind up off the track, it is blatant cheating to try and go off road and skip major sections of the track.

Race End

1.) The race will end when all racers have completed the required amount of laps specified.

2.) If you are not complying when a tournament host is asking you to remain in your spot (getting off, jumping, shooting, etc), then the tournament host may resort to the removal of the disorderly racer.

3.) Do not continue to race when the Race Host is taking down positions. Doing so will result in race removal, point loss and your race points will not count.

4.) Victory laps are not allowed until results have been written down.

5.) If you violate any of these rules repeatedly, you may be suspended. Violate them more, or in a very, very serious way, then you may be banned from the squad altogether. Keep it civil.

6.) Chocolate-covered sprinkled donuts are provided at the end of each race.



1. Miss StarStrukk (Host)


3. Vrai Scar


5. NukedlceCream




9. Orionhardy84


Backup Roster:



3. TheOffice1808







10. Bean05

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