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Mad Hatter

Jump Starting

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It has come to our attention that something must be done about the "Jump Starting" that has been happening in the squad lately. One user in particular knew how to get a very good start after the second destination dropped (not an illegal jump but very close). In order to try and keep the squad fair and competitive i want everyone to know how to perform this "legal" jump start.

To sum this up, when you do this CORRECTLY you will be timing the gate and starting to move after the second destination has happened. If you move before the destination you will be penalized 2 points each time it happens if the race does not get restarted.

In order to get this awesome start look at your radar, it will pulse every 5 seconds. If you look at the pulses and go after 10 seconds when it pulses again you will have much better reaction times than if you were waiting for the text of destination moved to fade in.

Please be responsible with this information and know that we will be looking for jump starts and handing out penalties like they are candy to anyone and everyone who jump starts.

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