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With Season 5 of HT Velocity passing the half way point, there are some changes going to be made with members joining and participating in tournaments.

After the completion of Squad Tournament #22 (out of 30), HT Velocity will be closing its doors to both the public and any former members from joining. This is because there is an 8 tournament minimum rule for your percentage to officially count towards the leaderboard. Members who are unable to achieve an 8 tournament minimum will be removed from the leaderboard accordingly, after their last opportunity to compete in a tournament is gone.

If you're removed, that does not mean that you have been banned from the squad. You're only being suspended from participating in the remainder of Season 5. You will have the opportunity to rejoin HT Velocity again and participate in future events since you are classified as former members.

The following members are subject to removal from the squad after Squad Tournament #22:


The Aviator13

Flecker Pecker


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