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(S7) Race 16 - Metropolis Stadium

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Sodapop has defended his title, but this season isn't over. Two races remain and for those still fighting for the best position possible, these will be the most important races of the season.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

3:30PM EST

2:30PM CST

1:30PM MST

12:30PM PST

Race will commence at the designated time. The race lobby opens 10 minutes prior. Being late equals missing the race.


These rules apply during all races:

    -No intentional wrecking. If someone accuses someone, we will review it.
    -Any major annoyances such as going backwards will result in a DNF for that person without warning.
    -No whining or having meltdowns. Handle all problems maturely.
    -Go on the "Gate Drop." There is no rolling, jumping or going through the gate at any time. Doing so will result in -1 points for that race or ejection for multiple offenses.
    -HT Supercross has a Blue Flag flag rule. This means that if a racer is being lapped, the racer must pull over and let the leaders pass. If the leader does not call a Blue Flag, then the lapped racer does not have to pull over. If the lapped racer ignores the leader call Blue Flag, then the leading rider gains the ability to Intentionally Wreck the interfering racer.
    -Calling a false Blue Flag to pass and/or wreck an opposing rider will result in an immediate 3 race suspension and a -10 deduction on your Leaderboard Standings. The racer victim of the False Blue Flag gains +2 points for that race.
    -Intentionally wrecking is not allowed. Type of wrecking are listed below:
    • Minor Intentional Wreck: Ruled by when a rider causes another rider to flip, however no major loss in position occurs. This results in a -1 for the causing rider and a +1 for the wrecked rider.
    • Major Intentional Wreck: Ruled by when a rider flips another rider, however a major loss in position occurs. This results in a -2 for the causing rider and a +2 for the wrecked rider.
    • The only exception for wrecking is when a Blue Flagged rider is not pulling over. However, the rider that is lapping the other must be completely sure that both parties understood that one was being lapped. Wrecked Blue Flagged riders will still go under review; however, in a separate way.

    -If you feel you were the victim of a wreck, send the host a message after the race with what lap you were on and who it was that wrecked you. Important: Race Hosts do not have to review a wreck if they did not receive a message.

    -Make room. Don't be a douche. Acknowledge other racer's positions around you.

    -If you are wrecked, knocked off of the track or have your race impeded in anyway, you must keep racing. Stopping to wait for the racer in front of you to pass you again does not grant you your previous position back and you will instead remain on the same lap that you waited on. If you were wrecked, then standard wrecking rules still apply to both the offender and victim.

Racing End Rules

-The Race Host will tell you when to stop. When he does, you will comply or you will be removed.

-Line up behind the racer who finished before you.

-If you are not complying when a Race Host is asking you to remain in your spot (getting off, jumping, shooting, etc), then the Race Host may resort to the removal of the disorderly racer.

Read Fulls Rules Here

AMA Formatted Race


1.) @NukedIceCream Amateur / Main Event Guaranteed

2.) Amateur / Rockstar Energy Racing KTM

3.) Amateur / Monster Energy Kawasaki

4.) Rookie / Monster Energy Kawasaki

5.) Prospect / Rockstar Energy Racing KTM *

6.) ^Pro Racer / Tactical Disadvantage

7.) Elite Racer / Monster Energy Kawasaki *

8.) ^Pro Racer

9.) @xUnknownGamingx Pro Racer / Tactical Advantage

10.) @Shadow Forges Rookie / Rockstar Energy Racing KTM

11.) @RealDealD Amateur / Tactical Advantage

12.) @Bomberman914 Rookie

13.) @UnknownRacing32 Amateur

14.) @Mad Hatter Rookie


Asterisk is used to identify leader of team

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Not to complain or anything, but the download link is to PPL Park

This is also a sign up

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Man, it would be nice if you accepted my friend request and sign me up.

Maybe if you didn't retire and remove everyone from your friends list.

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