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Mrs StarStrukk

DRL Postseason 1 - Tournament Info

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This is mainly a public announcement to HT about what tournaments will be done during the postseason of the DRL.

These tournaments won't count towards a leaderboard or anything, and are either for testing some things or to have a fun time!

1. Championship Tournament

Top 10 Racers from the season, 8 races. Info will be sent to racers after season results are finalized then a public post will be made.

2. Warthog Tournament

Testing racing compatibility with Warthogs on varying maps.

3. Ghost Tournament

Testing racing compatibility with Ghosts on varying maps.

4. HunterUnit's Tournament

If I remember correctly, this tournament features maps that either aren't well known or have a general disliking reputation among the racing community (even if the maps are pretty decent).

5. Collision Tournament

Want to take your rage out on someone? Want to vent that built up frustration from the season because someone ruined your tournament? Then this is for you! Full on, all out, wrecking mayhem action on collision tracks!

After these are done, the DRL will go back to regular tournaments for the time being until the next season starts.

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