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Mrs StarStrukk

Dirty Racing League - Season 2

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Season 2 Changes:

Format Change:

Big news out of the way first.

This season will have single races series' instead of the tournament series from last season. This is in response to racers complaining that tournaments (in general) were taking a bit too long. Also, this is for those racers that want to participate for full events but didn't have enough time to spare for a tournament.

That being said, Heats & LCQs will be introduced (if needed) for an event. The Main Event racer cap will be kept at the usual 10. Any Heats will be 7 laps. Any LCQs will be 5 laps. Note this could change depending on the track type/length. There is no minimum racer cap anymore, as long as there are two racers to determine a first & second then the race will count.

Whats happening to the tournaments?

Don't worry, tournaments aren't disappearing. They'll still be around, just in between seasons to keep with the traditional DRL style.

Points System:

Think most of you are curious as to how this will work with the format change.

So it goes like this:

1st - 16

2nd - 15

3rd - 14

4th - 13

5th - 12

6th - 11

7th - 10

8th - 9

9th - 8

10th - 7

And so on.

12 races for a division. Best 7 results count.

In the event more than 16 racers appear, each racer thereafter will receive a single point. Don't wanna leave you guys hanging with nothing.

Also, Dirtiest Racer WILL NOT be apart of the points system anymore. It'll be left to racer points alone. However, Dirtiest Racer will still be apart of the season. We will vote after each race for Dirtiest Racer, and just like last season the racer with the most awards will receive the title of Dirtiest Champion in their respective division. No passes.

Rule Changes:

1. This is a permanent change. Starting gates will be used in each race during the season, and tournaments in-between. Gates will eliminate possible jump starting, voice lag from usual countdowns, & makes for more fair starts to races.

2. Taking a lap. This rule is being removed in its entirety. Unless the accident / issue affects the entire lobby, the position you were in is forfeited and must continue as normal.

3. The lag-out rule. If you have severe lag, or have to leave for whatever reason you'll receive a DNF & last place points out of total current drivers; unless say, there's a single lap or two left and any parties involved agree the position would've been earned anyways

The Divisions & Related Info:

These divisions will be used for the season as they've been deemed the most socially acceptable for the dirty racing the DRL is known for.

Short Tracks - Lappers galore. You'll always have someone to battle with on the track. Each race will be 30 laps. This division will race on Monday's at 8PM EST.

DRL Tracks - Pitfalls, obstacles, and plenty of wrecks. Each race will be 20 laps. This division will race on Wednesdays at 8PM EST.

Collision Courses - Cross traffic, giggles, and collision wrecks of course. Each race will be 15 laps. This division will race on Fridays at 3PM EST.

Tracks will be released weekly in a separate thread following each week of race events. The versions we'll use will be located on my Halo 4 fileshare each week.

Sign ups for divisions will be relatively the same. They will be done in a separate thread.

The season will start the week of August 18th!!


Userbars for the cool people. And cookies.

Donations are also accepted.



- Format Change

- Points System

- Rule Changes

- Divisions & Info

- Prizes?

Any comments not pertaining to the season, or that are rude or trolly will be removed.

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