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Emerald Valley

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Creators:Bean05 & ImSOshiftfaced

Track Name: Emerald Valley

Map Name: Ravine

Supported Gametypes: Race v2.1

Download Link: Click Here

Description: Emerald Valley is a terrain style track with quite a few sky sections which mix up from the standard terrain and make the track fun to race on in a competitive as well as a casual setting.





What is your personal favorite part of the map?

ImSOshiftfaced "Personal, the terrain section, from finish line to the cross-bridge. The uphill portion is difficult for me.

You pick up some good speed on the cambered terrain, bridge suffered speedfrgin and forge gag, whoops, my bad."

Bean05 "My personal favourite part of the map is the left turn over the natural mound, which requires optimal use of the drift button to allow you to glide over the mound and land perfectly on the ramp which is you are blind too before the turn begins. Its pretty sexy."

What inspired your creation?

ImSOshiftfaced "God, Bean05 inspires me, music, Naruto, gay rap, speedrunners, Halo, Sativa, elitist devil worshiping pickleheads, then there's the Real Life shift"

Bean05 "We wanted to build a track which wasn't confined to any particular genre, whilst drawing from our main strengths as forgers. Personal inspiration for me came from mine and Possante's Mexican food series and also Shifts new style of RallyCross tracks. Ridgecrest played a part in the random houses :ninja:. It was a lot of fun for me to combine both terrain and non-terrain into a fast flowing and most importantly fun to race map. Ensuring a map is fun to race and different to other maps out there is always my primary target when forging. "

What aspect of the track took you longest to make?

ImSOshiftfaced "Probably that stupid bridge, then me and Bean couldn't bridge connections, but King Edward saved the day and acted as host, shout out to you Sir."

Bean05 "The jump into the cave from the elevated road took me longer than any other part of the map that I forged, although it didn't really take me too long. Just making any form of initial progress on the map took a lot of time.

Big thanks to Edward for sitting in our forge game so we could actually connect, we probably wouldn't have finished the map without him :teehee:"

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This map is fun as Shift. One can really have a Bean of a good time.

Congrats on the contest win, guys! The track looks perrteh

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Played this with 14 last night. Had a great time! Some folks just couldn't remember to slow up at the one hill drop. Very Fun - two thumbs up!

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