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H2A Demotracks Setup Tutorial

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Hello and welcome to my tutorial on how to setup Demotracks on your maps in Halo 2 Anniversary. This tutorial will cover the basics to setting up the checkpoint, blocker shortcuts, and spawn area. I will attempt to only include the necessary details to keep things brief and simple to follow.

General Rules

  • Any blocks are legal, you just cannot prevent the opposing racer from entering their checkpoint
  • If you pin an opposing racer, there is a limit of 10 seconds you can hold them before you must release
  • If your racer is stuck, you may give them your mongoose

Gametype Info

Gametype creator: NukedlceCream

To download the gametype add "NukedLceCream" on xbox and either find the fileshare when I'm on the game, or by trying to find me by searching competitive timing on Pillar of Autumn for easy difficulty.

It will be named "Team King" as it renames it to that when I upload, when you download it feel free to rename it in order to find it easier for later games.

Checkpoint Setup

Step 1:

You need to pick a spot for your checkpoint, try to make in on a section of track that's straight and easy for both racers to get into the checkpoint. Divide this section into an even split, typically 2 forge units wide.


Step 2:

Place a hill marker on each side of the divider and change the size to fit the width and height. Make this hill 3.6 long as it has to be a certain length to guarantee only one point is gained per lap. In the advanced settings change a gametype label to koth_hill and the spawn sequence on one hill to 1, and the other hill to 2.


Step 3:

Place 4 one-way shield doors through the checkpoint to the racer is pushed through and can't stop in the middle. I typically place one at the end and the beginning and place the last two in the middle.


Step 4:

You will need to place an infection shield (found under objectives) in front of each hill so that only the appropriate driver can enter. Set the team on one to attacker (blue) and the other to defender (red).


Step 5:

In order to prevent people from walking through the checkpoint you will have to place a teleporter to send people who walk into it away. Place a sender node and make the size the same size as your checkpoint area, make sure that you can't accidentally get teleported if you're outside the checkpoint. You can either choose to teleport the violators to their death or to the start of the track, the choice is up to you.


Step 6:

Finish up the checkpoint to make sure people can't fall or get knocked into it, can be simple by using blocks or you can incorporate it into the theme of your track.


Blocker Shortcuts

These are optional to have on your map but makes it much more convenient for the blockers and makes your map faster paced. They allow only the blocking teams access to different areas and pathways that the racers cannot. In order to incorporate them you place infection shields as you did for the checkpoint, but set the teams to 5 (purple team) and to 7 (orange team)


Spawn Area

A small but important area for your track, it doesn't need to be fancy. Make a small section at the start of your track where you have the vehicles and the spawns for your track. Most forgers put 12-14 mongooses just encase people die or get stuck.


Other random things

For those who forged demotracks in Halo 4, you may remember the need for trait zones. In H2A we have new options within the gametype so the settings that the trait zone previously applied are done for you.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to post a comment, send me a message on HaloTracks, or send me a message over Xbox Live.


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