HT Demo Rules

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HT Demo Rules Last Edited 4/25/15 These rules will be in use for all official and impromptu demo tournaments. If any clarification is needed, send a message to King Edward I or NukedlceCream. Description This is an intense style of racing that requires communication while at the same time causing mayhem. There is no such thing as "not intentionally wrecking someone." In this gametype, if you are not causing wrecks then you are not wanted. Blockers put the racers to the test and help their team to victory, while racers try to be elusive and and get their team the win. If you think you can handle it, put your helmet on, strap in tight, and get ready for some demo racing. Players -All players must be in a party chat with their team during the race. -Teams consist of one racer and two to three blockers. -The objective as the racer is to complete the laps given before the other racer. -The objective as the blocker is to assist their racer in completing the required laps in the quickest time possible. This is accomplished by blocking the opposing team's racer. Blocking Rules -You must remain on your mongoose at all times. If you fall off your mongoose, you must return to it immediately before continuing to block. You may not block on foot. -You may give your mongoose to your racer if your racer's mongoose is stuck; prevented from entering onto the track by a blocker or barrier, or fell off the map. -If you give your mongoose to the racer you may retrieve the racer's mongoose (if possible) or you must return to the garage and wait for a new mongoose. -You may not steal an opposing team's mongoose with the intention to impede the opposing team. -You may not block before the checkpoint. See below for clarification. -If a racer's mongoose is pinned and immovable for 10 seconds all blockers must remove themselves from the racer and let him/her proceed. Racer Rules -If your mongoose is stuck, you may have a blocker bring you a mongoose. -No stealing opposing team's mongoose. You must remain on the track near your mongoose for a blocker to bring you the mongoose. You may not advance in the track to your blocker. -You may not cut the track. If you are blocked onto another part of the track and "cut" the track, all standard procedures and penalties will apply. If it is intentional, then you will be penalized accordingly by method of deducting laps. If you have no control over it and it is impossible to get back onto the track, you have many options. Get a new mongoose, take a mongoose from a teammate that is on the part of the track you were blocked from (this is perfectly okay for these kinds of situations), or just complete the lap and accept the penalty. -Every participant in a tournament must be racer once. -The only people allowed to race more than once in a tournament have to be North American and have a "good" connection. Teams who violate this rule will be disqualified from the tournament. Team Assignments -Racers will be on red and blue team. -Blockers for the red team racer will be on orange team and blockers for the blue team will be on the purple team. -In order for the race to start these rules must be followed. Before Racing -Everyone gets on a mongoose when they spawn. Racers will stay in the spawn area until the start of the race. -Blockers may enter the track and set up for the race immediately. -The racers will decide on a time to go(i.e. 59:30) and the race will start at that time. Violations -A violation of the rules can be noted during the game by the host, or after by watching a film clip submitted by using the Xbox Clips system. In order to have a clip reviewed it must be recorded and sent to Nuked and Edward for reviewing. Make sure you include details as far as who was involved and what they did wrong. -If a violation occurred, then a lap deduction may be incurred by violating team. The host will determine the significance of violation, and impose a lap deductions if any. The penalty should be a realistic deduction from the advantage the violating team gained. Tournament Procedures -Before the start of the tournament, the amount of races to be completed before a team wins the tournament is to be determined(i.e. best of 5 or 7). -Before the start of the tournament, captains will be determined and the method of choosing team members will be back-and-forth. First pick will be determined by a coin flip or RNG. -In the case of a tournament in which there is a "pool" of more than 6 people, a snake draft will occur. -In the event of a black screen for anyone during a race, the race will be frozen at the current score. The race will be restarted with the same map and racers and will continue using the score at the time of the black screen.
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