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Steak and Potatoes + lel

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Steak and Potatoes + lel


Creator: Bean05 and NukedlceCream

Track Name: Steak and Potatoes + lel

Map Name: Awash

Supported Gametypes: Demotracks

Description: Steak and Potatoes + lel is a simplistic demotrack set on Awash. It's variety of blocking spots will keep the racer guessing about where their impending doom lies waiting (or where they can find their dinner).

How to download: Add NukedlceCream on Xbox Live and search the leaderboards for timing for Solo Pillar of Autumn on Easy.





What is your personal favorite part of the map?

NukedlceCream "My favourite part would have to be the toggleable shortcut. It was a pain to script properly but it adds a nice strategic point to the map."

Bean05 "My favourite part of the map is the racer shortcut. It is a new and innovative idea which in my opinion heightens the need for greater teamwork and adds an extra level of strategy to the race which makes it unique from other Demo maps. It can be a racers best friend, or their worst nightmare.Trying out new features on Demo maps is always exciting and helps to give the map identity, this has been true in a number of Demo maps I have been apart of such as the pallet bridge from Benukdem and the kill ball from bunfce. Often these ideas are met with criticism as they are different and people often don't enjoy change or have their doubts, but the feature speaks for itself ;) "

What inspired your creation?

NukedlceCream "Bean asked me if the toggle-able shortcut was possible, after that we just kept building and this map is what came to be."

Bean05 "A fun time. Aesthetics are not everything, at the end of the day the best functioning demo maps don't need a theme, or luxurious toilet seats for your pool holes. 90 degree rotation snap and a hole in the ground will do just fine."

What aspect of the track took you longest to make?

NukedlceCream "It would have to be the shortcut, it took a while to figure out how to script it as well as how to implement it onto the map in a way that it fit in."

Bean05 "Naming it, lel. The shortcut took Nuked some time to work out, I was just singing and driving around annoying him, because that's how you forge."

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Well-deserved feature, beautiful interviews, and congratz on distinguished bun, well played gg

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